The scientific research level fiber spectrometer is relatively expensive

by:FOT     2020-07-08
Its essence is a scientific research level fiber optic spectrometer & other; Light & throughout; Instrument, and now there are several ways to achieve spectral features. As a mainstream way is to use grating dispersion components, separate different wavelengths of light in space, using the array detector and the output spectrum. Another way is to use modulation interferometer incident light, with unit detector by modulation of the light, and the output light intensity curve changes over time, this is the scientific research level fiber optic spectrometer. Due to the scientific research level in UV fiber optic spectrometer - VIS- NIR band, silicon CCD, CMOS array technology mature, good cost performance, coupled with no moving parts, good reliability, therefore, almost without exception, the grating dispersion, array detectors. Is greater than 900 nm wavelength in near infrared wave band, silicone material can't do, only the InGaAs line series detector. In terms of using grating spectrometer technology of micro spectrometer, its performance mainly depends on three aspects, optical design, the choice of the grating, the selection of detector. Optical design and associated with the grating type, active reflection grating and transmission grating with holographic grating two categories, different optical grating spectrometer design scheme is different. Now is the mainstream of the reflection grating, this is due to the manufacturing process is relatively mature, so the price is relatively lower, adopting reflection grating, and to make a small volume, adopts the folding design of light path is very natural, therefore, cross road Czerny - light Turner structure ( 过车尔尼- 特纳) The market zui popular design; Another kind is transmission holographic grating, its main advantage is grating with high efficiency, led to the luminous flux optical system, for the application of some measurements are faint light, or fast dynamic process analysis, does not allow a long integration time, tend to choose transmission grating, of course, the scientific research level fiber optic spectrometer prices relatively expensive.
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