The road to discuss the change of micro fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-09
Micro fiber spectrometer is also called the spectrometer, widely for cognitive for direct reading spectrometer. With photomultiplier tubes and other light detector measuring device for spectral line intensity of different wavelength position. It consists of a incident slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more of the exit slit. In dispersion element radiation sources of electromagnetic radiation wavelength or isolated need wavelength region, and on top of the selected wavelengths ( Or scan a band) To determine the strength. Monochromator and multicolour instrument divides into two kinds. Miniature fiber optic spectrometer types according to the band of light points, there are used in visible light band spectrometer, infrared spectrometer and uv spectrometer. According to the dispersion of the element spectral principle, can be divided into a prism spectrometer, grating spectrometer and interference spectrometer, etc. According to the detection points, there is a direct observe with the eye spectroscope, recorded in plates of spectrograph, and by photoelectric or thermoelectric element detection spectrum spectrophotometer, etc. According to the working principle of the modern spectrum instruments, spectrometer can be divided into two categories: classical spectrometer and new spectrometer. Classic spectrum instrument is based on the principle of spatial dispersion on the instruments, are slit spectral instruments; New type of spectral instrument is based on the modulation principle of instrument, modulation spectrometer is spatial spectral, it USES circular Kong Jin light. Monochromator is through the slit output only single chromatographic line spectrum instruments, commonly used in combination with other analytical instruments. The composition of micro fiber spectrometer spectrometer is mainly composed of an optical platform and a detection system. Includes the following main parts: entrance slit: under the irradiation of incident light form the object point imaging spectrometer system. Collimating element: make the slit light into a parallel light. The collimating element may be a separate lens, reflector, or direct integration on the dispersion element, such as concave grating in the concave grating spectrometer. Grating dispersion element: usually adopted, making the optical signal wavelength on the space into multiple beam. Focus element: focus on the beam after dispersion, make its in a series of incident slit is formed on the focal plane, each image point corresponds to a specific wavelength. Detector array: placed in the focal plane, used to measure the intensity of light wavelength image point. The detector array CCD array or other kinds of light detector array. Micro fiber spectrometer is widely used in agriculture, astronomy, automobiles, biological, chemical, coating, chromaticity measurement, environmental testing, the film industry, food, printing, paper, Raman spectra, the semiconductor industry, component testing, color mixing and matching, biomedical application, fluorescence measurement, gem component testing, concentration of oxygen sensor, vacuum chamber coating process monitoring, film thickness measurement, LED, emission spectrum measurement, uv/visible absorption spectrum, color measurement has been widely applied in areas such as.
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