The reliability of OTDR and common device type

by:FOT     2020-11-14
OTDR is a kind of photoelectric instrument for characterization of optical fiber. OTDR is electronic optical equivalent of time domain reflectometry. It is to be measured into a series of light pulses in fiber optic equipment, and extracted from the same side of the fiber optic equipment is scattering ( Rayleigh backscattering) Or from the point of reflected light along the fiber. Collected by the scattering of light or reflected light used for characterization of optical fiber. This is equivalent to the time domain meter measurement measured cable impedance changes caused by the reflection method. Return to the strength of the pulse as function measurement and integral time, and draw is the function of fiber length. OTDR equipment reliability and common types of OTDR OTDR equipment reliability and quality of reliability and quality depends on its accuracy, measurement range, resolution and measuring of the capability of close interval events, measurement speed, and after various extreme environment and various physical abuse satisfactorily execution ability. The instrument according to its cost, also provided the characteristics, size, weight, and ease of use. Some terms often used in the specified quality of OTDR are as follows: accuracy, defined as the accuracy of measurement, the measured value and the events being measured the difference between the real value. Measuring range: is defined as the maximum attenuation between instrument and measuring events, for the attenuation, the instrument can still within the limit of acceptable precision measurements. Instrument resolution: it is to measure two events can be separated by distance, is still considered two independent events. Measure the pulse duration and the data sampling interval for OTDRS resolution limit. The shorter the pulse duration, the shorter the data sampling interval, the higher the instrument resolution, but the shorter the measurement range. When returned to OTDR and temporary overload detector strong reflection, resolution is often limited. When this happens, the instrument can solve the second optical fiber events will take some time before. Some OTDR manufacturers use & other; Masking & throughout; Process to improve the resolution. The program block or & other; Shielding & throughout; Detector from high power optical fiber reflection, prevent overload detector, eliminate the need to probe recovery. Optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) Provided in the general requirements of equipment, the reliability and quality of OTDR industrial requirements. Common types of handheld OTDR equipment class OTDR test equipment are: the whole characteristics of OTDR: all features of OTDR is one of the traditional optical time domain reflectometer. They is characterized by rich, usually greater than hand-held OTDR or fiber disconnect locator, heavier and more portable. Despite its feature is huge, but their size and weight is only a small part of the early generation OTDRs. Typically, a fully functional OTDR main frame can be equipped with multi-function plug-in unit to perform many fiber optic equipment measurement task. Large color display is common. A fully functional OTDR usually has a greater than other types of OTDR equipment measurement range. Usually used in laboratory and field, used for fiber measurement difficult. Most full-featured OTDR is made up of AC and/or battery power. Hold OTDR and fiber disconnect locator: ( Used to be a miniature) OTDR and fiber breaking positioner is designed to optical fiber network fault diagnosis in the field environment, usually using battery power. Covers the two types of instrument communication supplier of fiber optic equipment measures spectrum. Armed with OTDR, cheap to is easy to use, light weight, complex OTDR, used to collect field data and perform basic data analysis. They may have less than a complete feature OTDR is rich in functionality. Usually, they can be used with pc-based software, for data collection and data analysis of complex. Handheld OTDR is usually used for measuring and locating fiber optic fiber optic link breakpoints, high loss, high reflectivity, end-to-end loss and optical return loss ( ORL) 。 Fiber breakpoint positioner is designed to determine the fiber catastrophic events specifically designed for the location of the low-cost instruments, for example, optical fiber breakpoints, reflection point or loss. Fiber disconnect locator is a kind of photoelectric measuring, for measuring the distance to the fiber catastrophic event. In general, handheld OTDR and fiber breaker than a fully functional OTDR are lighter, smaller and simpler operation, and are more likely to use the battery power. Handheld OTDR and fiber breaker locator to cheap enough, so that the on-site technical personnel equipped with a as part of the standard kit.
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