The quality of the fiber optic spectrometer from the six aspects to judge

by:FOT     2020-07-09
Fiber optic spectrometer from the six aspects to judge the quality of the fiber optic spectrometer as a kind of rapid detection equipment, at present more and more widely used in the field. Its working principle is the use of samples of different light reaction presents different representations. Incident light through the sample into the slit, irradiation on the grating, then, grating by spectral will play in the detector and light will light signal into electrical signal by photoelectric conversion of different spectral shape. Spectrometer is used to analyse the sample for testing, that is fast and convenient, and no damage of the sample, the real-time online reaction to the status of the sample. Spectroscopy is the measurement of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared and infrared light intensity of a technology. Spectral measurement is widely used in various fields, such as color measuring, analysis of the concentration of the chemical composition of test or electromagnetic radiation, etc. Fiber optic spectrometer generally include incident slit, collimating lens and dispersion components ( Grating or prism) , focusing optical system and detector. In the monochromator often including exit slit, make a very narrow part of the whole spectrum irradiation on single pixel detector. In the incident and exit slit of the monochrometer often fixed position and width adjustable, fiber optic spectrometer can be for the whole spectrum by rotating grating scanning. A fiber optic spectrometer can use the following six parameters to reflect the performance of: 1. Spectral range: the wavelength of light signal can be detected by spectrometer. 2. Spectral resolution: can be spectrometer resolution to the wavelength of the little difference. 3. Sensitivity: can be detected by spectrometer to small light energy. 4. Dynamic range: can be measured by spectrometer to big and to the ratio of light energy. 5. Signal to noise ratio: the ratio of signal energy level and noise level of spectrometer. 6. Spectrum access speed: at a certain level of the incident light energy, production of a spectrometer to measure the signal and the time required to obtain spectra. For fiber optic spectrometer, the six parameters is closely related to each other.
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