The principle and characteristics, a fiber laser

by:FOT     2020-07-02

a, description

Fiber Laser, the English name for the Fiber Laser, is a kind of mixed rare earth elements of the glass Fiber as gain medium to produce Laser output device. Fiber laser can be developed on the basis of the optical fiber amplifier, because of the fiber laser in the optical fiber core is very thin, so in under the action of the pump, fiber optic internal high power density, makes the laser level appear & other; Population inversion & throughout; Phenomenon, on this basis, through positive feedback circuit of the resonant cavity, can be formed in the output of laser oscillation.

2, structure the

fiber laser structure similar to the traditional solid laser, gas laser, mainly by the pump sources are used, most of the gain medium, cavity, as shown in the figure below. Among them, the pump sources are used commonly for high power semiconductor laser, gain medium for glass fiber mixed rare earth elements, cavity composed of coupler and fiber Bragg grating.

three principle,

in the diagram above, made by pump sources are used to pump through a reflection mirror coupling into gain medium, because of the gain medium for fiber optic equipment mixed rare earth element, therefore is absorbed, the pump absorption of the photon energy of rare earth ion energy level transition and realize the population inversion, reversal of particles through the cavity, the excited state transition back to the ground state, releasing energy, and form a stable laser output.

four characteristics,

features a: optical fiber core diameter is small, easy to form a high power density inside the fiber core, so the fiber laser with high conversion efficiency, low threshold, high gain, narrow linewidth, and easy to realize the connection with the current optical fiber communication system.

features two: because the fiber has a good soft round, so the fiber laser has a flexible, compact structure and high cost performance, and the characteristics of the system integration easier.

features three: compared with the traditional solid laser, gas laser, fiber laser of high energy conversion efficiency, more compact structure, high reliability, and suitable for mass production.

features four: compared with the semiconductor laser, fiber laser has good monochromaticity, when can produce smaller chirp modulation and distortion, and less and the coupling of the fiber loss.

compared with semiconductor laser and fiber laser mainly reflects in: the advantages of fiber laser is waveguide structure, strong capacity of pump, with high gain, high conversion efficiency, low threshold, the output beam quality is good, the line width, simple structure, high reliability, easy to implement and fiber coupling.

we can classify fiber laser, from different angles such as according to the structure of the fiber laser cavity USES can be divided into Fabry - Perot cavity and ring improperness two kinds big. Also can according to the number of output wavelength divided into more than single wavelength and wavelength, etc.

to the characteristics of different types of fiber laser should mainly consider the following:

( 1) The lower the threshold should be the better;

( 2) The output power and better than the linear optical pumping power;

( 3) The output polarization;

( 4) Model structure;

( 5) The energy conversion efficiency.

( 6) Laser wavelength etc.

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