The practical application of micro fiber spectrometer and process monitoring

by:FOT     2020-06-24
The emergence of micro fiber spectrometer, spectrum technology is also experiencing a revolution from the lab to the scene of the production, has been converted into a completely centered on measured sample and design of field instruments and practical technology. In actual production application, the ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared and Raman scattering and fluorescence analysis of multiple platforms online measuring system. The following is the practical application of micro fiber spectrometer and process monitoring analysis: 1. Uv - Visible absorption spectrum measurement based on the bill Bob's law, a chemical composition in the liquid or gas to light absorption, the quantitative combined with chemometrics algorithms of ultraviolet spectrometry data information mining, for multicomponent mixture implementation & other; Mathematical separation & throughout; Determination. Instead of the traditional cumbersome process, chemical separation and determination by as online measurement system & other; Software & throughout; Some, suitable for on-line testing requirements. 2. Application of light interference measurement principle of thin film thickness, miniature fiber spectrometer measurable thickness of 25 & micro; A resolution of 1 m. 5nm。 Optical fiber spectrometer and probe on the production line to build real-time measurement system, can provide high precision workpiece processing online quality monitoring and industrial coating process provides a flexible and convenient means of measurement. 3. Color color measurement is based on material chromophore in fundamental frequency in the range of the visible light absorption principle of converting the measured spectra to specified by CIE color space L *, a * and b * values. Combining the micro fiber spectrometer immersion transmission probe measurement system, reflection type probe or integral sampling accessories, easy to complete the solution, alcohol products, textiles and paper, etc. Series of products. The color of the production process quality control. 4. LED the analysis of the measurement in combination with the use of integrating sphere, miniature fiber spectrometer can be convenient to measure the parameters, such as LED radiation and color in LED production have important applications in quality control.
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