The performance characteristics of micro fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-19
Miniature fiber optic spectrometer was applied in different fields, the following to get to know the performance characteristics of it: ( 1) The introduction of fiber optic equipment technology, make the pool from the object under test sample, sampling methods more flexible, using the fiber optic equipment probe steered away from the source spectroscopy instrument samples to the spectrum instrument, to adapt to the complex shape and position of tested samples. Introduced by fiber optical signals isolated from internal and external environment, still can make the instrument can strengthen the bad environment, Humid climate, strong electric field disturbance, corrosive gas) Ability of resistance to ensure long-term reliable operation of the spectrometer, prolong service life. ( 2) With charge-coupled device ( CCD) Arrays as detector, the spectral scan without moving grating, transient can be acquisition, fast response speed, Measuring time for 13 ~ 15 ms) And through the computer real-time output. ( 3) Using holographic grating as spectral components, low stray light, improving the accuracy of measurement. ( 4) Application of computer technology, greatly improved the spectrometer intelligent processing capacity. Fiber optic spectrometer measurement system also has the characteristics of modular, can choose according to the needs of application of different components ( Includes a variety of different types of sampling fiber optic equipment probe, dispersion element, focusing optical system and the detector, etc. ) To establish the platform optics.
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