The OMRON OMRON optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-17

Omron optical fiber amplifier is the use of magnetic switch of dc magnetic field. Proximity sensor can use high frequency vibration detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects, using the electrostatic capacity detection non-metallic objects exist. According to different usage environment, the omron proximity sensor has a resistance to the environment, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and waterproof type to choose from. Omron amplifier for singular E3X - optical fiber amplifier Lh-zd series the characteristics of simple operation, new commonly used options. Main features: & middot; The new MODE button & rarr; Practical menu & middot; “ 1' Key teaching & rarr; Teaching at the same time to complete the light quantity adjustment + threshold setting & middot; APC ( The Auto Power Control OMRON fiber optic equipment amplifier, OMRON amplifier, OMRON fiber amplifier, OMRON fiber amplifier, OMRON fiber amplifier, OMRON amplifier

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