The main characteristic of micro fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-04
HR2000 + micro fiber spectrometer is a high-speed data acquisition spectrometer, the user can store 1000 spectra per second, very suitable for need to the application of high speed processing. At the same time, it is also a high-resolution spectrometer, zui high resolution can reach 0. 035nm( FWHM) 。 It is very suitable for applications requiring high resolution, such as laser wavelength, ion spectrum measurement, gas absorption spectrum measurement, etc. HR2000 + miniature fiber optic spectrometer features: high resolution, zui high resolution can reach 0. 035nm( FWHM) 1000 collection and storage of spectral/SEC speed programmable microcontrollers, facilitate OEM equipment integrated modular design, 15 kinds of grating, 6 kinds of slit optional user can do your own wavelength calibration USB interface; Without external power supply through the RoHS and CE certification HR2000 + miniature fiber optic spectrometer of the main parameter index of 200 - detector Sony ILX511B spectrum 1100 nm, on the basis of the grating wavelength resolution of 0. 035 - 8. 4 nm, on the basis of grating and slit slit 5 um, um, 25 um, um, 50 100 um, 200 um delete 14 kinds of grating light, UV - NIR signal-to-noise ratio of 250:1 1 ms - integral time 20 148 s size. 6mm x 104. 8mm x 45. Part 1 mm 570 g in weight preconfigured HR2000 +

HR2000 + CG spectral range: 200 - 1100 nm wavelength resolution: 0. 9 nm slit: 5 um HR2000 + ES spectral range: 200 - 1100 nm wavelength resolution: 1. 0nm 狭缝: 10um 光收集柱面镜:L2


一、光谱仪 HR2000+ES 波长范围: 200- 1100 nm wavelength resolution: ~ 1. 5 nm, calibration source DH2000 - two CAL spectral range: 215 - 2000 nm three, four, fiber optic equipment measurement software Spectrasuite root QP400-1 2 - 紫外- VIS 5, integral CC - head 3 - UV

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