The interpretation of continuous light sources and optical fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-04
Continuous light sources and fiber optic equipment spectrometer have what relation? Question: see continuous light flame/graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, USES the high focus on the short arc xenon lamp. Optical system for high resolution echelle spectrograph, at 2 PM optical resolution, wavelength range - 189 900nm; Detector for uv high sensitivity CCD linear array detector. Problem is, the ocean LIBS and the continuous light source spectrum of optical fiber spectrometer have what relation? Memory is most AAS in PMT photomultiplier detector, while the continuous light source using a CCD detector, and seem to know the LIBS have similarities, especially the similar flame detection, but the graphite furnace as sensitivity than LIBS is much higher. Answer: first of all to distinguish: emission and absorption spectra as LIBS emission spectra and atomic emission spectrometer are measuring element, atomic emission spectrum, is characterized by atomic emission spectrum is very sharp, an atomic emission lines may be dozens of, even dozens of, distribution in different spectral position; If the element, atomic species is more, emission lines will be intensive, if spectrometer resolution is not high, some lines will be inseparable, lead to overlap, thus qualitative, etc all have problems. The Marine LIBS make it 7 channels, mainly in order to improve the resolution ( About 0. 1 nm, covering 200 nm - 980nm) ; Continuous light AA atomic absorption spectrum, absorption spectrum, characteristics similar to the uv-vis absorbance spectrum, the atomic absorption peak is also very sharp, elements, absorption lines will be intensive overlap, so also need higher resolution, especially in isotope measurement. But this ladder type grating spectrometer, must by switching grating, to choose a different wavelength range to achieve high resolution, not covering 189 nm - a scan or imaging 900 nm, need some time, but also need to sample preparation, general flame heating to the ion atomic state. And LIBS only takes 1 ms, seven channel acquisition at the same time, almost no sample preparation, measurement speed is very fast. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy ( 激光诱导击穿光谱) LIBS for short, is a kind of spectrum detection technology. Based on high power density of laser on the surface, to produce the laser induced plasma, by detecting the laser induced plasma spectral lines of atoms and ions, to determine the compositions of the samples of a spectral analysis tool. Diffuse thinking: the working principle of LIBS using a high intensity pulse laser focus on the sample surface, a wide 10 nanoseconds laser single pulse plasma samples will evaporate. With the cooling of plasma, the plasma in the excited states of atoms will release corresponding element characteristic wavelengths. The light will be probe collected and transmitted to the spectrometer, the system will be in a second to analyze the whole spectrum. OOILIBS operating software containing element emission characteristic spectrum database, can automatically identify all of the elements in the sample. High resolution spectrometer LIBS2500 - 7 spectrometer using linear CCD array detector used in 200 - seven The analysis of the 980 - nm bandwidth. All the spectrometer will trigger to get the data at the same time. Detector can easily use USB interface to connect to the computer. In order to reduce costs, you can use less than seven detector channel system, but the scope of the element analysis will be smaller. Based on the scope of your analysis, you can choose your system in a relatively low price of the channel number. Continuous light AA high-resolution echelle spectrograph, at 2 PM optical resolution, wavelength range - 189 900nm ; Uv high sensitivity CCD linear array detector; Fast multielement analysis, is superior to the ordinary scan ICP analysis speed. Careful observation, the optical spectrum of LIBS and continuous light AA have much in common.
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