The integration of optical fiber type OI - T6Ⅰ2__B - Type 2

by:FOT     2020-07-02

integration type OI - T6Ⅰ2__B - Type 2

infrared thermometer on-line infrared thermometer gun type infrared thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer infrared temperature probe thermometer ET handheld infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer electric power type OI - special infrared thermometer integration T6Ⅰ2__B - fiber optic equipment type OI - type 2 integration T6Ⅰ2__B - Type 2 OI - T6Ⅰ2__B - Type 2 built-in thermometer, is by the xi 'an holy light energy sensing system co. , LTD. , according to professor Chen Yaosheng the independently designed and developed a new optical innovative thermometer, due to the adoption of advanced sensing technology, make its have peers of three characteristics:

1) has nothing to do with the test range (2) has nothing to do with the material emissivity (3) has nothing to do with the measured target area

main application fields: iron and steel industry, metal hot working, heat treatment, the cement industry, industrial monitoring, the semiconductor industry, scientific research and experiment, etc.

integration type OI - T6Ⅰ2__B - Type 2 product features:

special sensing technology integration digital signal processing technology, product performance is much higher than traditional thermometer. Don't pick up the digital display instrument can be directly real-time display temperature object to be tested. With digital display intelligent operation panel. Can set the display to zui big value, zui small value, average value, peak and valley value function, and setting of process parameters. With RS485 digital interface extension function. Structure, compact appearance, aesthetics generous. Laser aiming to facilitate alignment target to be tested. Technical indicators: 1, the temperature range: 300 - 3000℃( Section) ; 2, the basic error: 0. 5% ( Maximum range) ; 3, response time: 100 ms; < 1女士; 4, analog output: 4 - 20mA; 5, digital output: RS485, Modbus protocol; 6, target distance: 0. 2 ( m) ; 7, work power: 24 VDC; - 8, working environment, storage temperature 20 - 85℃; 0 - environment temperature 50℃; Relative humidity of 10% 85% without condensation; Atmospheric pressure 86 - 108 kpa;

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