The infrared thermal imager temperature screening guidelines for the human body

by:FOT     2020-11-24
1. The normal temperature range in the state of health of the human body, if the normal diet, dress is appropriate, the body's temperature is compared commonly constant, usually stay in 37 ℃ (up and down Roughly between 34. 8℃~37. 8℃) 。 The following is a normal body temperature reference values: mouth temperature: 35. 5°C ~ 37. 4 ° C anal temperature: 36. 6°C ~ 37. 7 ° C axillary temperature is 35. 1°C ~ 37. 0 ° C ear temperature: 35. 8°C ~ 37. 8 ° C the forehead temperature: 34. 5°C ~ 36. 5 ° C, but because of the human body temperature along with the age and the different environment, will be different, so the above is not absolute values, just reference value. 2. Human body fever decision criteria of the different parts of the temperature mouth temperature: need to measure for five minutes, 37. More than 4 ℃ is running a fever. Anal temperature: need to measure for five minutes, 37. More than 7 ℃ is running a fever. The axillary temperature: need to measure ten minutes, 37. More than 0 ℃ is running a fever. Ears: ear ear thermometer measurement, takes a few seconds, 37. More than 8 ℃ is running a fever. The forehead temperature: thermal imaging temperature measuring forehead, takes a few milliseconds, 36. More than 5 ℃ is fever ( Emissivity is set to 0. 98). 。 3. Using infrared thermal imaging temperature screening of large populations of note: 1. Human body exposed outside the skin temperature is easily influenced by ambient temperature, when measured researchers from ambient temperature differences, should try to request is measured at room temperature environment long enough, made by measuring the surface heat transfer conditions of the same or similar. At the airport in the winter, for example, should arrive at passenger terminal is measured within 5 to 10 minutes later, the external heat transfer condition of passenger forehead basic reach steady state. 2. Equipment from the place of the environment temperature differences under test, when using instruments should be placed in the environment under study at least 20 minutes before use. 3. Measurement sites should choose as far as possible in the interior, and avoid direct sunlight infrared thermal imager and the measurement of the surface of the forehead. 4. Using infrared thermal imaging temperature screening, to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, first of all to ensure that the image clear focus, when measured characters in the picture edge contour is shown as a line, measured personnel imaging is clear, and the thermal imager has correct focus can be thought of. 5. Using thermal imager for body temperature when screening the best forehead temperature measuring points for the human body, please keep the best testing distance in 1 m - 1. 8 m range. Measuring forehead skin surface temperature, measured personnel should ensure that no shade the brow, if measured parts have hair or other items shade, will affect the measurement result. 6. Adult forehead temperature generally lower than the axillary temperature 1 ~ 3 ℃, then it should be the axillary temperature criterion to forehead temperature of the fever. The recommended standard is: adult forehead temperature more than 36. More than 5 ℃ fever, the emissivity of infrared thermal imager generally set to 0. 98. 7. To ensure FOTRIC infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement accuracy and stability, should be regularly use AnalyzIR software screening mode of sampling calibration function of the weighted average function are the cervix temperature calibration. 8. All temperature greater than absolute zero ( - 273. 15℃) Outward objects will emit infrared radiation, infrared thermal imager is receiving the human body infrared radiation temperature measurement, there is no harm to human body. 9. At the beginning of the design of the infrared thermal imager to targeting and positioning measured target, usually with a red laser pointer, when used in body temperature screening, please must close the laser pointer, laser alignment must not be people's eyes, otherwise it may bring measured personnel eyes of irreversible damage. 4. Please stay away from the following five. Thermal imager temperature screening the right picture 1. Measured personnel outline is displayed as a line and the edge of the image is clear, can think thermal imager has correct focus. 2. Emissivity is set correctly, E: 0. 98. Normal forehead temperature fever personnel of forehead temperature
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