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by:FOT     2020-07-17
Infrared thermal imaging detection as a monitoring tool, its use has brought great benefits to our work and help, but a lot of people for the device performance is not very understanding, so that in the process of selection into the erroneous zone, chose an inferior product, unable to bring significant change to our work. Next we will together with professionals to see KanRe imager matters needing attention and the strategy of choose and buy what? Thermal imaging technology in practical use are plays a very important role in the process, especially for the contact thermal imager in technology and has a good performance in development and improve, in a larger scope has very good application, compared with the traditional detection technology, it has a fast response time, non-contact, security and stability, and long service life and so on merits, is the choice of a lot of people and high praise. And everyone in the process of the choose and buy of thermal imager, must maintain a high level of focus on the following problem. 1, environmental requirements of different industries, working environment and conditions are different, so we need according to their own industry need to choose a suitable for good performance of the instrument, make thermal imager can display in our industry to maximize their efficacy, bring breakthroughs to our work. 2, performance parameters of the choose and buy of thermal imager, you need to pay attention to most is performance in the identification of parameters, because of the different types of thermal imager, its performance parameters have very big difference, we must seriously rise, do the relevant identification and analysis, choose a suitable thermal imager, bring significant improvements to our work. We in the choose and buy of thermal imager, the need for the resolution of the thermal imager, response time, factors such as temperature measurement range to make a choice and analysis, to select a better comprehensive performance, moderate price of products. 3, pixel must first determine the choice of buying the pixel level of infrared thermal imager, most of the level of infrared thermal imager and pixels. Civil relatively high-end products in the infrared thermal imager is 640 * 480 = 307200 pixels, the high-end of the infrared images taken by infrared thermal imager clear is exquisite, the smallest size in 12 meters measurement is 0. 5 * 0. 5cm。 In the end of the infrared thermal imager is 320 * 240 = 76800 pixels, the smallest size in 12 meters measurement is 1 * 1 cm; The pixel at the low end of the infrared thermal imager to 160 * 120 = 19200, 12 meters in measuring the smallest size is 2 * 2 cm. The higher the visible pixel can shoot the target of minimum size is smaller. 4 analyte, temperature measuring range, and according to the temperature range of the object under test to determine temperature measuring range, to choose appropriate temperature period of the infrared thermal imager. On the market at present most of the infrared thermal imager is divided into several temperature shift, for example - 40 - 120℃ 0- Not temperature 500 ℃, gear span, the better, the greater the little span temperature profile of the temperature measuring relative will be more accurate. Additional general infrared thermal imager to measure objects above 500 ℃, then you need to equipped with corresponding high temperature. 5 the temperature, temperature resolution reflects an infrared thermal imager temperature sensitivity, the smaller the temperature resolution infrared thermal imager perception to changes in temperature, the more obvious, try to choose the parameter values when the choice small products. Infrared thermal imager to test the main purpose of the measured object is identified through temperature difference temperature point of failure, measuring temperature of individual points is not much meaning, mainly by temperature difference to find relatively hot spots, play the role of predictive maintenance. 6, the spatial resolution in simple terms the smaller spatial resolution the more accurate temperature measurement, the spatial resolution is small, covered by measuring the minimum target the pixel of the infrared thermal imager, the temperature of the test that the temperature of the measured target. If higher spatial resolution, measured the minimum target cannot be completely covering the pixel of the infrared thermal imager, testing target will be affected by the environmental radiation, test the temperature is measured the average temperature of the target and the surrounding temperature, not accurate enough. 7, after-sales service support, and regular calibration: infrared thermal imager every few years with a blackbody radiation calibration source temperature to ensure the accuracy of the temperature detection in the school, it needs to be supplier has strong ability of after-sales and calibration service conditions. 8, professional training: infrared thermal imager to use there are a lot of skills, analysis of infrared image to improve the production quality report need professional support, which will require suppliers to provide high quality professional training, technical development co. , LTD. Technical support engineer in shenzhen has more than 10 years of rich experience, can provide customers with training and instruction for field test.
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