The important role of micro fiber spectrometer measuring system

by:FOT     2020-06-30
With the measurement system, the rapid analysis and portable real-time application gradually emerge, the advantages of spectrum analysis technology is gradually from laboratory analysis to the scene real-time detection. Micro fiber spectrometer is one of them, it is mainly composed of laser measurement system, reflection measurement system, light emitting diode ( 领导) Measuring system and so on many parts. 1) Laser measurement system according to the characteristics of the laser spectrum detection system configuration, high resolution HR4000 miniature fiber optic spectrometer available integral ball or cosine corrector to attenuate incident light, in order to avoid saturation of CCD detector. 2) Reflection measurement system measuring way is divided into specular reflection and diffuse reflection measurement, in actual measurement, can adopt different reference whiteboard and measuring Angle to distinguish. Reflection survey is used to measure the chemical composition and surface color information of the sample. 3) Light-emitting diode ( 领导) Measurement system LED measurement system used in the LED light source spectral intensity and color measurement. 4) Transmission absorption measurement system transmission absorption measurement is used to measure the liquid or gas intermediary role of epicuticular light absorption, on the basis of the ear than law, absorbance is proportional to molar absorptivity, optical path and medium concentration samples. 5) Fluorescence measurement system fluorescence measurement because of its special weak spectral signal, thus requiring a high sensitive detector and the rate of a filter, unleash the sample of the weak signal light apart from the excitation light and high strength. 6) Raman spectrum measurement system with Raman spectroscopy and infrared absorption spectra for the study of the molecular vibrational levels of the materials to analyze the composition of material, but relative to the infrared absorption spectrum, Raman spectrum of spectral line is relatively simple and unique, before proceeding with the analyte and does not need to handle, so in judging the material composition has obvious advantages. Raman spectra measurement system is especially suitable for reaction process monitoring, product recognition, remote sensing and the judgement of medium to high scattering particles. 7) Oxygen in oxygen content measurement system is through the fiber optic equipment probe of the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescence decay for measurement, the principle of application of fluorescence quenching can be measurement of dissolved and gaseous oxygen partial pressure, so as to detect the environment of the oxygen content. 8) Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy ( LIBS) LIBS measurement system is a real-time, used in solid, liquid and gas qualitative and semi-quantitative spectral element analysis technology, its working principle is of high intensity pulsed laser focus on the sample surface, the pulse width of 10 ns laser pulse plasma evaporation sample, as the plasma cooling, in the excited states of atoms emitting element characteristic spectrum, the spectrum is collected and transmitted to the spectrometer, fiber optic equipment probe on the spectral analysis software to compare the characteristic spectrum of sample analysis.
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