The importance of cable validation, identification and authentication

by:FOT     2020-07-13
Cable validation, the importance of the identification and authentication in test wiring installation time, we usually have three choices: — Validation, verification and certification. With test level from the validation escalated into certification test, some features of the test tool used overlap, this period we will answer to these common problems, so as to help you make the right choice. Wiring connection correct? Verification test will answer that question for you. For copper wiring, simple and easy to use low cost tool has basic connectivity test functions, such as wiring diagram check and analog audio line. Check the wiring diagram is used to determine whether the wire in the plug and socket is connected to the correct pin, and termination are in good condition, contact analog audio check line can pinpoint any cables or wire. MicroScanner2 cable testing instrument verification test instrument with a time domain reflectometer (such as TDR) Function, and can identify the link in any open circuit, short circuit fault and locate the fault point location. The instrument can also be used to detect whether measured cable connected to the switch port. To a simple visual fault locator (fiber optic equipment, VFL) Can be used as a validation tool because it can verify continuous fiber connection, to help find a breakpoint, connectors, and melting point. The instrument can also test multi-fiber connector in polarity and the direction of the optical fiber. MicroScanner2 is not only your ideal testing tool, is also a line to find the wiring tool, but most of the cable is not only a simple validation testing needs. Therefore, this test will seldom be as the only a test, unless the test POTS ( Plain old telephone service) Pure voice application, the application of using simple voice level cable, such as CAT 3. Verification testing alone cannot verify the cable's ability to support a specific application, and there is no guarantee that meet the needs of the standard manufacturers warranty. Wiring can support the target application? Identifying the tester has the function of validation, but with the identification of wiring bandwidth will be more complicated. Identification test measured wiring whether will provide the information needed to support a specific application communication. For example, there are two through verification test cable, reoccupy fluke CableIQ ™ tester tests may also show that there is a cable can support base - 10 T( The 10 Mbps Ethernet) And the other cable can support base - 1000 T( A one billion - bit Ethernet) 。 Combined with its validation functions, identification of tester is also a kind of excellent failure diagnosis and elimination of the tool, the device is very suitable for small-scale operations or used to set up temporary network need to meet certain network technical qualifications. They also help to determine whether you need to upgrade the existing wiring facilities to support the new application. But, as well as verification test, identification tests do not provide wiring manufacturer requires authentication. The wiring is in line with the industry standard? Use authentication tester is the only answer to this question. Commercial enterprise installer/contractors and facility management personnel certification tester is used to ensure that the new wiring completely meet the requirements of wiring standards, such as TIA - 568. 2 - D Cat 6 a or ISO11801 ( The third edition) The CLASS EA, certification test is all cable test the more rigorous testing. Certification test also determines whether to enjoy the warranty service, want to enjoy the wiring manufacturer provided by the product warranty, it is necessary to conduct the test. Certification including authentication and identification of all tests, but can also be carried out within the predefined frequency range measurement for many times, and the detailed results comparing with TIA or set by the ISO standard. According to the standard to determine the qualified or not qualified, and instructed link whether meet the requirements of the specific categories or grade cable such as CAT 6 a or CLASS EA. Measurement results will tell you what application can support. Is very important to select, identification or authentication using validation testing decision more eventually depends on customer's requirements, but more to the point: if you still want to enjoy cable manufacturer's warranty service provided, then use DSX CableAnalyzer ™ tester according to industry standards such as certification is your only choice. Any other matters shall be borne by you all the warranty responsibility. And commercial installation, on average, each link can reach hundreds of yuan, the cost of such a high cost will make you a huge risk. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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