The IMC small optical transceiver MiniMc series technical characteristics

by:FOT     2020-07-09

the IMC small optical transceiver series MiniMc technical features

MiniMc series small optical transceiver from IMC companies in the United States a new design, is a powerful, high quality and low price of fiber optic transceivers. MiniMc is one of the world zui small optical transceiver. MiniMc unique design, can choose a variety of power supply mode, can be used alone, also can be installed in 18 slot racks, realize high density configuration.

technical features:

10/100 MBPS adaptive, store and forward.

structure compact, only 8 shape size. 5 x4。 6 x2。 1cm。

fiber type support multi-mode 850 nm, 1300 nm and single-mode 1300 nm, 1550 nm.

twisted-pair full-duplex/half duplex adaptive.

twisted-pair adaptive crossover/direct connection.

all kinds of single mode fiber optic transceivers, adapt to the requirements of various kinds of transmission distance.

fiber interfaces provide SC or ST.

status indicators for network diagnosis and troubleshooting.

a variety of power supply: ac/dc adapter, or USB interface, or 18 slot rack.

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