The hui BDCXE - 350 fiber xenon lamp exposure device using short arc xenon lamp as light source

by:FOT     2020-06-23

xenon lamp optical radiation device models: BDCXE - Item no: 350 ZH7604 product introduction the device with a short arc xenon lamp as light source, xenon lamp light by rotating ellipsoid reflector wide spectrum zui big limit converge. The fiber bundle ( Or light bar) The incoming end of the installation on the light beam convergence point, make the high intensity of optical radiation beam through the fiber optic equipment ( Or light bar) Outgoing. This out of the beam configuration for the specific compound eye lens system forming area of the adjustable uniform irradiation light spot. Light source with constant current power supply, thus light output stability. In the fiber bundle ( Or light bar) Before a variable aperture adjustment mechanism, through which can range from zero to zui changed the light output. In the existing each kind of light source, short arc xenon lamp spectrum zui close to the sun, and thus can be used as a solar simulator for daylight test, determination of the solar cell efficiency and other related test. The device's output is about 5700 k color temperature, such as the match with a given level of color temperature filter, can be used as chromaticity measurement standard D65 light source. Main technical indicators light source color temperature: 5700 k, specially after the match filter is 6500 k ( ± 150 k) Irradiation zui great light (on the surface of the Radial) Irradiation intensity of illumination: the size can adjust, light ( Radial) Intensity of illumination and with surface area is inversely proportional to the size of the irradiation area of 10 & times; 10 ㎝ 2 as an example, the light above 105 lx, irradiance is over 1000 w/m2 beam divergence Angle: & plusmn; 6° The beam uniformity: & plusmn; Stability: 5% beam & plusmn; 1% in other optical and electrical work conditions under the condition of constant by adjusting button on the panel light output can be from zero to zui big as with special fiber bundle can be used to replace light stick, make the device irradiation direction arbitrary adjustable power supply condition: AC220 & plusmn; 20 v, 50 hz 500 w work environment: 5 ~ 32 ℃ temperature humidity & le; 70% size, weight: 30 & times; 30× 13 ㎝ 2 does not contain optical plunger 6 kg

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