The functions and characteristics of the fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-25
Fiber optic spectrometer is the main part of optical instruments. Due to its advantages of high accuracy, high speed, has become an important measure to spectrum used in the surveying instrument is widely used in agriculture, biology, chemistry, geology, food safety, chromaticity calculation, environmental inspection, medicine and health care, LED, semiconductor industry, petrochemical industry, etc. fiber optic equipment spectrometer is usually used as the signal coupling, coupling to the spectrometer will be metering spectral analysis. Due to the convenience of the fiber, the user can build spectrum acquisition system very flexible. The advantages of fiber optic spectrometer measuring system of modularization and flexibility. Germany MUT miniature fiber optic spectrometer measurement speed is very fast, can be used for on-line analysis. And general detector with low cost, reduce the cost of the spectrometer, and thus reduce the cost of the whole measuring system of spectrometer basic configuration including a grating, a slot, and a detector. These parts of parameters when spectrometer of choose and buy must elaborate. Spectrometer performance depends on the combination of these parts and calibration, the calibration after the fiber spectrometer, in principle, these parts can't have any change. At present, with the rapid development of the spectral industry, fiber optic spectrometer is becoming more and more recognition in the domestic, the product performance and quality almost same compared with foreign products. The performance of the spectrometer is mainly determined by spectral range, optical resolution and sensitivity. For more than one parameter changes usually will affect the performance of other parameters. Spectrometer's main challenge is not to make all the parameters in manufacturing high zui, but to make the technical index of the spectrometer in the three-dimensional space choice to meet performance requirements for different applications. This strategy can satisfy the customer to make spectrometer zui small investment, zui large returns. The cube depends on the size of the spectrometer, specifications of the needed to achieve the size and the price of the product is related to the complexity of the spectrometer and spectrometer. Spectrometer products should be completely conform to the technical parameters required by the customer.
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