The electrical wire core power cable

by:FOT     2020-07-11
Power cable of the conductive wire core wire for short. Usually with good electrical conductivity, a certain toughness, a certain strength of commercial purity steel or aluminum. Conductor cross section is round. Resistance of elliptic shape, such as fan, hollow circular several. Money small cross section of conductive wire core is made from single guide to continue. DaChuo surface relatively advocate and above of conductive wire core made of overstating stranded conductor fraction layer ground adjacent two layers right twisting around the opposite direction. Round out the arrangement of conductive wire core, the center of a false for a single line. The 2nd is six single line, each layer after six more than the inside layer. Both increase T the softness of the cable. Also increases the cell resistance degree of the wire core, easy to manufacture and construction. Cable conductor has all kinds of cross section. In the construction site need to check the cable cross section of the wire cable conductor size shape. And cables for rating standard li size comparison. According to the experience to determine the sectional area of cable conductor is used.
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