The distributed optical fiber temperature sensor network

by:FOT     2020-06-24

used in industrial processes to detect network of distributed optical fiber temperature sensor is a kind of real-time, on-line, multipoint fiber optic equipment temperature measurement system, is a new kind of detection method and technology. Of optical fiber as transmission media and sensing system media, electromagnetic flowmeter using optical fiber back Raman scattering intensity, the wavelength division multiplexer and photoelectric detector to collect the temperature signals back Raman scattering photoelectric signal, signal processing, and then after demodulation temperature information extracted from the noise and real-time display, it is typical of the laser optical fiber vortex flowmeter temperature communication network. On a 2 km long fiber can collect 1000 temperature information and spatial positioning, it has been used in coal mine, tunnel temperature automatic fire alarm system, also can be used for oil depot, dangerous goods warehouse temperature alarm and measurements of temperature distribution in large equipment. The rapid development of microelectronics technology, promoted the update of micro mechanical processing technology, it has extended to the field of instrument, laid the foundation of modern sensor technology, promotes the new solid-state sensors and integrated intelligent transmitter development and practical application of turbine flowmeter has achieved remarkable results. Solid-state sensors compared with the traditional structured sensor, qualitative changes have taken place in the technology and performance, it enables the sensor technology to the miniaturization, high and low power consumption, intelligent direction took a big step, it marks the detection sensor and transmitter a epoch-making revolution will occur. In recent years, a variety of microstructure of solid silicon sensor has been developed and put into production application, such as micro servo accelerometer, the microstructure of acceleration switch, micro silicon resonant pressure sensor, micro silicon composite strain pressure sensor, micro silicon mass flowmeter, etc. People predicted that the micro mechanical processing technology can produce all kinds of microstructure sensor, again on this foundation to realize the sensor and the integration of the microprocessor, it can design a new generation of intelligent digital transmitter.

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