The design of micro fiber spectrometer and main technical characteristics

by:FOT     2020-07-01
Spectral instrument is applied optics technology, electronic technology and computer technology to the composition and structure of the materials and other basic equipment, carries on the analysis and measurement, is widely used in environmental monitoring, industrial control, chemical analysis, food quality testing, material analysis, clinical examination, aerospace remote sensing and science education, etc. Because traditional spectrometer with complicated structure and limited use of the environment, inconvenient to carry and expensive is insufficient, can't meet the needs of field detection and real-time monitoring. Therefore, miniature fiber spectrometer spectral instrument development become a important research direction. Miniature fiber optic spectrometer structure and characteristics of the optical system structure is complex, the traditional spectrometer by rotating grating to scan the whole spectrum, measurement speed is slow, and for some samples also need specific pretreatment, and should be put in fixed sample indoor measurement instrument. By contrast, miniature fiber spectrometer has many advantages, such as: high speed, low price, small volume, light weight and full spectrum access, and through the optical fiber transmission can from the sample room to measure, suitable for online real-time detection. The realization of the structure of micro fiber spectrometer spectrometer miniaturization design thanks to spectrographic structure optimization. U. S. Marine optical fiber spectrometer manufacturers MichaelJ. Morris, the USB series miniature fiber optic spectrometer developed by using asymmetric intersection Czerny - Turner spectral structure and the optical structure design is Czerny - Turner structure based on the improvement of the light path, make spectrometer internals layout more compact. Spectrographic structure for the optimization design of the optical platform among micro fiber spectrometer is no moving parts, optical components in the form of reflection, to a certain extent, reduce aberration, spectral range and make the work is not affected by material. Micro spectrometer immobilized optical platform suitable for the vibration and complex working environment such as narrow space. Micro fiber spectrometer technology features low loss fiber optic equipment grating, rate and low noise and high sensitive CCD array detector is related to the development of technology, make the micro fiber spectrometer has made great improvement in performance, has the following characteristics: the fiber optic equipment transmission technology, the development of optical fiber technology, make the object under test from the limitation of the fixed sample pool, sampling methods become more flexible, suitable for long distance sample quality monitoring. Due to the effect of transmission of the fiber optic equipment optical signals, making the spectrometer can be far away from the interference of the external environment, to ensure long-term reliable operation of the spectrometer. CCD array detector technology: under the effect of grating spectral after light in the detector at the same time instant acquisition, rather than moving grating, so the sample spectra collection speed and fast ( Measuring time is 3. 8 ~ 10 min)女士 And through the computer real-time output. Grating technology: the holographic grating has less stray light, and has higher mechanical characterization of grating reflectivity and sensitivity. Computer technology, the development of electronic computing technology greatly improves the spectrometer of the intelligent control and processing capacity.
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