The daily maintenance of optical fiber welding machine generally

by:FOT     2020-11-02
The daily maintenance of optical fiber welding machine general keywords: clean, dry cleaning tools ( Commonly used) : cotton, cotton swabs, fiber itself, and the air balloon, alcohol, Ditto) Need to clean the parts: fiber optic equipment presser foot: dip in with cotton buds alcohol in the same direction wipe V groove: sumitomo special cleaning tools, no words can use alcohol bar, bare fiber can also be used to clean, general multi-purpose air balloon blowing, but avoid blowing with my mouth, did not have the moisture. Clean V groove welding machine adjustable scope of core driving up and down in the direction of the only tens of microns, foreign body slightly makes the fiber image deviates from the normal position, can't normal alignment. At this time should be timely clean V groove, the specific process is as follows: 1 & gt; The wind cap welding machine. 2> Open the fiber optic equipment head and holder plate. 3> Stick with anhydrous alcohol swab ( Or the toothpick sharpening) Single direction wipe V groove, can. Do note: avoid by all means use hard clean V groove or force the V groove, avoid bad V groove or make the V groove misalignment, instrument cannot be used properly. For optical systems: : mirror protection piece LED light CCD camera head is clean with alcohol to wipe for optical fiber cutting knife again, avoid objects in contact with the blade area
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