The composition and application of the Avantes fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-22

the Netherlands Avantes company is a world supplier of micro fiber spectrometer, products include miniature spectrometer, spectral lamp, spectrometer application software, fiber optic equipment and probe, all kinds of accessories, etc. , at the same time, for a variety of common application launch a different application systems.

spectrometer is mainly composed of an optical platform and a detection system. Include the following main parts:

the incident slit: under the irradiation of incident light form the object point imaging spectrometer system.

collimating element: slit light parallel light becomes. The collimating element may be a separate lens, reflector, or direct integration on the dispersion element, such as concave grating in the concave grating spectrometer. Components:

dispersion usually USES grating, scatter light signals in wavelength on the space become more light. Focus

element: focus on the dispersion of the beam, in the series of incident slit is formed on the focal plane, each image point corresponds to a specific wavelength. :

detector array is placed in the focal plane, used to measure the wavelength as light intensity. The detector array CCD array or other kinds of light detector array.

Avantes company in the field of the research, development, production and application of fiber optic equipment spectrometer has more than 14 years of experience, and has been in for scientific research and industrial users with spectrometer revolutionary technology products, products are widely used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, food processing and semiconductor field, the application of testing technology have color, uv/visible absorption measurement, radiation measurement, LED, film thickness measurement and coating process monitoring, oxygen content, gem composition measurement, fluorescence, Raman measurement, LIBS measurement, etc.

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