The complexity of using fiber TRC simplified certification

by:FOT     2020-07-10
TRC simplify the complexity of the fiber optic equipment certification often use on light certification test clients should understand, fiber optic equipment connector end pollution is a major cause of fiber failure. So any two end connection part must be clean and always check on it. During the inspection, you may often use to our FI - 1000 video cameras. In the process of using the camera, do you notice the FI - again There is a button at the bottom of the 1000? What is it for? Originally it is a very useful function, we would like to share with you here. I really like using CertiFiber ™ Pro setup wizard to set the reference. No one remembers multimode fiber reference the correct values, or you should disconnect with power meter or light *. Setup wizard helps you set. If you set up correct reference, will get more accurate test results. I met with a challenge, I believe many of you also met the same problem. You set jumper reference, everything went well, ready to continue the test. Only after more an obstacle, test reference jump line ( TRC) Validation. This step is very useful, we can ensure that the two groups of test reference jumpers are in good condition. This is what you really want to save to LinkWare ™ file test, and can show you not only set a reference to the customer, and already verified 'well known' cable is really good. We are looking for loss value, two connection of multimode test reference line loss value in 0 and 0. Between 15 dB. This is really strict, but if you test the line is in good condition, can be realized completely. How many times you have seen this error message? Warning: test reference jump line loss value beyond the reference limit value. Please consider cleaning and verification test again thank you for your warning. If you only need to check didn't pass the test of cable, rather than two cables, then simply to validation tests, rather than to the whole process of setting the reference, in that way. So, I work in a factory, can consult product planners and engineers, why not? So, I did. They said: 'we are in V4. 7 to realize it. 'Just like that! You can at any time in the use of CertiFiber ™ Pro set reference guide in the process of pressing the button on the camera, and then jump to fiber checker view and view the end! After the check, you just need to press the back arrow, you can return to the same screen of the wizard. This is really useful. It has changed the way using the wizard. Before, I used to clean all the connector before enter the setup wizard, and then expect some smoothly. Now, when the setup wizard instructions connecting cable, I press the button, check the connector, and then plug in cable, no need to worry about pollution end face. So, from setting buttons do reference guide to jump to fiber optic equipment checker. Please try it in person, you will like the function of high productivity! * power meter, disconnect the power meter and connectivity. Multimode fiber reference about - 22 dBm if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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