The CIQ - fluke test technology 100 cable tester identification into parsing

by:FOT     2020-07-12
Shenzhen even writing: engineering test is for fluke test now. But the fluke test how much you know? Fluke is a brand, there are various products, we usually say fluke test, generally refers to DTX1800 cable such as authentication analyzer, but many people don't know, fluke ciq - have a high ratio of instrument And 100 CableIQ, it is a appraisal tester. For some project traders may not have the budget to choose a cable identification of tens of thousands of yuan tester to certification of your links. Then you can choose the CIQ - 100 to look at what happened to the quality of our cable. China as a big market, the good and evil people mixed up the cabling industry, many bad enterprise network cable products are serious quality problems. If we don't have a hand instruments to certification wiring, may all installed to test in your project, even in shenzhen - remind you must pay attention to play before the test, this is we have talked about in the CCTT and CFTT. Because if you have problems when acceptance found, may be in big trouble, because if the cable quality problem, reinstall will waste a lot of time and money. CIQ - fluke tests 100 is such an instrument, when you in the deployment of VoIP or gigabit network, CIQ will tell you whether existing wiring system can meet the requirements of new equipment for bandwidth. Although sometimes our wiring system is certified, but the site's move, such as additions and changes may cause many link cannot meet the required speed. CableIQ cable tester identification ( 出入境检验检疫局, 100年,出入境检验检疫局- 装备,出入境检验检疫局, SVC) Can be quickly shown further efficacy through the inclusion of jump line a link whether can satisfy the voice, 10/1000/1 billion Ethernet, VoIP application requirements, etc. Understanding prior to upgrade the bandwidth of the wiring system can prevent future long downtime, and to avoid waste the time originally do not need to fault diagnosis.
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