The characteristics of the vortex street flowmeter and the calculation formula

by:FOT     2020-07-02

characteristics and calculation formula of vortex flowmeter, good reliability, there were still some session and join the body to be measured flow resistance is small, basic does not affect the flow velocity. But in velocity is very small, fiber optic vibration will disappear, so there is a certain measurement limit.

when vibration, the output light spot also move. For a spot in a fixed position of small detector, the movement of the speckle patterns reflect to the output of the detector receives the change of light intensity. Using the spectrum analysis to measure the vibration frequency of the fiber. According to the type or the experimental calibration flow rate value, in the condition of known diameter size, to calculate the flow. In the middle of the across the fluid pipeline is equipped with a taut multimode fiber, when the fluid flow, fiber optic vibration occurs, the vibration frequency approximation is proportional to the velocity. Is due to the use of multimode , so when the light source adopts coherent light source ( Such as laser) When the output light spot is the result of the interference between patterns. When fixed output stable speckle pattern.

when each vortex produced and xie, wall lateral force generated in object. In this way, the cycle of vortex will make the object by a cycle of pressure. If an object, elastic, it will produce vibration and vibration frequency approximately proportional to velocity. When a non streamline body in a fluid, under certain conditions can produce a regular on the downstream side of the liquid flow vortex. The vortex will be in the streamline body side alternately to leave.

the f = sv/d

type: v— — The flow rate of the fluid;

d— — The lateral size of object relative to the flow direction;

s— — The number of zero associated with fluid.

as a result, by testing vibration frequency of the object to measure the flow velocity of fluid. Optical fiber vortex flowmeter is made according to this principle.

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