The characteristics of the optical fiber end face detector

by:FOT     2020-06-21

the characteristics of the end face detector

GS52 - FVP800 - fiber optic equipment end face detector (B Also known as: end face tester, end face video microscope, optical microscope, optical magnifying glass) Using the 3. 5 inches LCD 300000 pixels, one-time fiber end face image magnification of 200 times, image clarity, good in neutral and adjustable brightness contrast, detector is small in size, easy to carry, display the built-in lithium battery, a charge after more than 8 hours continuous working time, varieties complete, metal probe can detect male head ( Jump line) And also can detect head ( Light module/component/flange) , is the optical network maintenance, engineering, installation, production line of the ideal tool for device manufacturers, widely used in telecommunications, mobile, unicom, radio and television, electric power, device manufacturers and universities, scientific research institutions and other key optical laboratory!


to cardiac probe small volume, light weight, suitable for go out engineering detection and indoor mobile;

has applicability is wide and can detect all PC/APC, FC, LC, E2000 type of SC, MU, ST male female head end face;

his one-time magnified 200 times;

to cardiac center positioning, good image in the neutral;

has high resolution to 0. 75μ M, observable face tiny scratches, pollutants;

◇3。 5 inch TFT display, image is clear, complete and stable;

has built-in rechargeable batteries in both groups, the battery behind the power supply for more than 8 hours;

to cardiac contrast, brightness is adjustable, battery power display;

left back with the magnet, can be adsorbed on the metal cabinet, convenient one-hand operation;

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