The characteristics of the German pepperl + fuchs fiber Bragg grating sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-20

Germany pepperl + fuchs characteristics of fiber Bragg grating sensor with the development of optical communication technology, some of the optical communication technology gradually for sensor provides a technology platform, the application of fiber grating is one of them. Based on fiber Bragg grating technology of fiber Bragg grating sensor is becoming another big hot spot in the field of study. Good reliability, strong anti-interference ability. Because of the fiber Bragg grating sensor information to use wavelength encoding, and wavelength is a kind of parameters, it is not affected by light source power fluctuation and the influence of the optical fiber bending loss caused by such factors as system, and fiber Bragg grating sensor has very good reliability and stability; Sensing head of simple structure, small size, suitable for various applications, especially suitable for embedded material internal constitute the so-called intelligent materials or structures; Electromagnetic interference resistance, corrosion resistance, can work under harsh chemical environment; Strong reusability, adopts multiple fiber grating sensors, can constitute a distributed fiber optic equipment sensing network. Foreign study of fiber optic equipment grating sensor has been basically achieved, the commercialization of the fiber Bragg grating sensor engineering, such as Blue Road Research, CiDRA, MOI, etc. Domestic research work on fiber optic equipment grating sensor also has obtained certain achievement

Germany pepperl + fuchs characteristics of fiber Bragg grating sensor

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