The characteristics of bonner fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-23

the characteristics of DF - bonner optical fiber amplifier G3 series fiber amplifier DF - type high-energy fiber amplifier G3 series added new members, introduced a wavelength of 850 nm infrared fiber optic equipment amplifier is tasted newly, cooperate with the correlation of glass fiber, detection distance can be up to 6 meters, to the vast number of users to solve the problem of need long detection distance. In addition, also introduced a wavelength of 1450 nm infrared DF - G3 amplifier, water quality of the liquid to 1450 nm infrared light has a strong absorption ability, so this amplifier is very suitable for detection of liquid water. DF- G3 fiber amplifier series of variety, have a single switch output, double switch output, as well as the analog output models. Double output of the DF - open G3, its two output is independent of each other, can be used for a variety of state, the distinction between objects can be used to distinguish between a variety of placement attitude, for example, can be used to rectify. DF - analog output G3 analyte can be used to detect the density of, also can be used to rectify.

▼DF - G3 fiber amplifier main features:

with the industry * long detection range. Adopted the visible red light source correlation detection distance up to 3 meters, using infrared light source correlation detection distance can be up to 6 meters. Set up a simple, powerful. Flexible user can set the time delay, and there are a variety of response speed can be selected, the user can also according to the actual situation, set up the sensitivity ( For low contrast testing situations, for example, is set to the high sensitivity) , so as to realize the reliable detection of different situations. The crosstalk resistant function, can allow 7 amplifier installed side by side, very suitable for need multi-point detection applications. With energy-saving light interference resistance. Applications:

small objects with fine fiber can realize long distance detection or location can detect long dark object can detect a variety of state density detection rectifying rectify ▼ ▼ liquid detection application bonner characteristics of fiber optic equipment amplifier

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