The basic principle of optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-28
Optical fiber sensor is the change of light propagation in is used to detect and measure it by climate change. Through the change of physical quantity being measured modulation waves in the waveguide, the light waves in parameters with the application and development of sensor measured the change of the quantity, the size of the measured signal obtained. The sensing technology can be divided into two categories, the light type and sensor type. Optical fiber sensing technology is the core of sensor, also can be divided into the corresponding sensors type sensor and the sensor type sensor. 1. 1 and the working principle of sensors type sensor is also called the functional fiber optic sensor or intensity modulated sensor, transmission of light effect, mainly the type sensor is mainly composed of light source, , optical modulator, sensor, photoelectric detector, the detection circuit, etc. The basic principle of sensor is for measuring physical quantities changes in the transmission light strong I, by inspection of the light intensity I treat survey of physical quantity measurement. The characteristic of intensity modulation is simple, reliable and economic. There are many ways to intensity modulation are reflective intensity modulation ( As shown in figure 1) 1 and transmission intensity modulation. 2 type sensor working principle of the sensor sensing sensor, also known as functional fiber sensor, optical sensing again already, which acted as sensitive element. For sensing type sensor, when the light propagation in , measured quantities or external factors effect on the , makes the optical transmission of light in the amplitude, phase, wavelength, polarization and other changes, the process for light modulation, modulated light through the transmission to the photoelectric detector converts electrical signals after demodulation output. Than the principle of the sensor type fiber-optic sensors type sensor is much more complicated. Sensing type sensor applied zui more is phase modulation type fiber optic sensor or interferometric fiber optic sensor, the external factors in the application and development of sensor in the transmission of light phase change, and change the light output ( The interference light) To purpose of measuring the intensity of the change. Common interferometric fiber optic sensor has a Michelson interferometric fiber optic sensor, the Mach - Zehnder interferometric fiber optic sensor, Fabry - Perot( F - P) Interferometric fiber optic sensor, the Sagnac interferometric fiber optic sensor, Fizeau interferometric fiber optic sensor, etc. Interferometric fiber optic sensor is of high precision sensing and measuring technology zui preferred choice.
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