The application range of the instrument cable census have?

by:FOT     2020-11-20
Today's communications industry development with each passing day, fiber optic cable in each scenario is widely used. From the construction of limited resources and cost considerations, is common communication optical cable & other; Well, condominium, altogether rod & throughout; The phenomenon of & ndash; — Many cable into a node. After the construction, improvement and expansion, renovation, factors such as natural weathering, easy cause at the scene of the cable routing identification of handwriting is not clear, sign off and unable to distinguish, bring great difficulty to the late maintenance and repair. Below small make up to introduce the application range of the cable under the survey instrument. Cable survey instrument through to the distal thesis& slight tapping of fiber optic cable sheath, observe the connection proximal engine survey instrument display or audio, clear, clear voice, waveform and frequency change, so as to locate the remote cable, especially suitable for hidden or overhead cable scenario. Such as: & other; Tube well pipe cable, aerial cable ( With hanging, bar, etc. ) Throughout, buried cable &; Such as perimeter optical transmission positioning and easy operation. Cable survey instrument for the successful application of a variety of scenarios, to solve the cable census problem to find a new solution. Restore clear network structure, the precision of fiber optic cable as late census, also brings great convenience to the maintenance and repair work. Change the traditional manual operation, by cable, smoke, pull, drag and do piecewise, by original screening, into the instrument precision positioning. Make the maintenance efficiency is improved, and also to prevent people pull on the cable damage; Reduce maintenance repair operations in the process of man-made error probability; Shorten the repair time, avoid man-made accidents caused by pulling off stand, avoid economic losses.
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