The application of fiber optic spectrometer to dye detection

by:FOT     2020-06-23
Fiber optic spectrometer concentration of dye in the dye bath dyeing process for online ( Real-time) Monitoring, can understand compatibility of the dyes and the effects of leveling agent, the effect of pH and temperature and soaping effects, etc. Accumulation of these basic data and analysis, can make the dyeing process control to process parameters of fine from experience and digital control, make the dyeing real-time control and result. In recent years, our country some of the production of printing and dyeing control equipment, such as changzhou grand technology group has developed in the production of printing and dyeing pH and online testing system, such as fabric moisture rate but dye concentration on-line monitoring equipment is still blank. Existing online self-control dyeing equipment is mainly aiming at mangle in pad dyeing rate of real-time monitoring and control, also can't monitor the change of concentration of dye dyeing in, it is also a textile dyeing for many years, one of the main reasons for a breakthrough. Only grasp the real-time changes in dyeing, dye concentration can make more reasonable work process and formula. At present the concentration of dyeing liquid on international online monitoring technology is also in its infancy, application in the production of basic blank, and there are many technical problems need to be solved, it will be an important direction of the dyeing and finishing engineering research. Immersion fiber spectrum detector in recent years, due to the development of the fiber optic equipment technology and photoelectric detection technology, appeared with fiber optic equipment sensor and CCD array detector ( Also called PDA) The structure of the fiber optic spectrometer. This new type of spectrophotometer in the sampling probe directly inserted into the dye bath, light from the probe of the side mirror to CCD array detector, so as to real-time monitor the change of absorbance in the dye bath, it gives the application of on-line monitoring technology has brought strong means. Figure 4 is fiber optic spectrometer detection device. Fiber optic spectrometer can real-time determination of dyes in dye bath concentration, but also can tolerate high temperature and high pressure dyeing conditions and acid and alkali medium, so it is one of the important development direction of online monitoring technology.
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