The application of banner bonner fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-07-08

banner bonner fiber amplifier application bonner recently released the DF - at the same time around the world G2 series high speed dual fiber amplifier, DF - G2 has industry zui fast response speed, zui fast response speed can reach 10 us, repeating precision of 5 us. The product for the customer provides an easy to install and set, high stability and zui better ratio of dual fiber amplifier. DF- G2 expert type dual fiber amplifier intuitive friendly operation interface, thus helping operators to reduce installation time. At the same time show the current signal value and threshold, simplify the operation process. Its industry zui fast response speed, suitable for high speed testing situations, such as wafer testing, color label and tag detection, offline detection, etc.

product features: 10 us l can set various response speed: ( Ultra-high speed) ,15us( High speed) ,50us( Fast) 150人( Standard response speed) ,500us( Medium detection distance) ,1000us( Long detection distance)

l easy to browse the dual fiber amplifier, at the same time show the current value and threshold value signal, simplifies the operation process

l friendly user interface, easy operation, reduce the installation time

l operating personnel can completely control operation parameters: the threshold, the LO/DO, output delay, response speed

l electric performance is stable and reliable. Zui small temperature drift, allows multiple amplifier installed side by side

l ECO mode, can reduce 25% of the power supply power consumption

l to prevent mutual interference ( 跨 说话) Function, allowing two fiber close to install

l Expert called and SET operation ways, to ensure the good zui excess gain value and threshold value, especially suitable for low contrast application

l high-performance 32-bit processors, with 12 ADC

l solid reliable fiber fixture

35 mm l guide installation

l clearly visible red LED light, easy to debug

applications: chip position detection pills counting inspection bolt banner bonner fiber amplifier applications

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