The advantages of optical fiber transmission of microwave modules

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Microwave, fiber optic equipment transmission module optical fiber transmission module is used to the advantage of microwave microwave signals into optical signals, through the optical fiber transmission, the receiver to convert optical signals into microwave signals, the long distance, high bandwidth, flat response, used in communication and radar systems. In satellite communications, point-to-point antenna can use this equipment will be microwave signals into optical signals, through the optical fiber to connect to a few meters to thousands of meters outside the control of. The radio signal can also be RF signals into light through the fiber optic equipment transmission. Radar system can through this way will the remote connection at the radar antenna and signal. Fiber module translation should be a transceiver module. Composed of optoelectronic devices, interface circuit and light to function, optoelectronic devices including transmit and receive two parts. Launch part is: input a certain rate of electrical signals by internal driver chip to drive the semiconductor laser ( LD) Or light-emitting diode ( 领导) Launch the corresponding rate of optical signal modulation, the internal with light power automatic control circuit, the output of the optical signal power remained stable. Receiving part is: a certain rate of light signal input module by light detection diode is converted to electrical signals. After the preamplifier output rate of the corresponding electrical signals. In short, the role of the optical module is photoelectric conversion, the sender converts electrical signals into light signal, through the optical fiber transmission, the receiver converts light signals into electrical signals. Microwave advantages 1 fiber optic equipment transmission module. 2 high bandwidth. 3 resistance to electromagnetic interference. Optional different light wavelength of 1310 nm / 1490 nm / 1550 nm4. Anti surge power protection, reliable power supply 5 environmental adaptation ability. The adaptive ability of temperature compensation control stable light output. 6. Small compact size
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