Technical expert interpretation of Shanghai rail line 2 accident

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Interpretation technology experts in Shanghai rail line 2 on April 25th morning rush, the accident of Shanghai rail line 2 sudden signal device failure. Line 2 as across the east-west 'artery' in Shanghai, the traffic will also become hotter yesterday's circle of friends. From the failure to repair, the whole process lasted for five hours! Operator also said that some troubleshooting in the more than 600 wire 'culprits', become the line 2 more repair difficulties since the operation. Image: weibo - Shanghai transportation for such a big fault, follow up or a communication cable, is still lead to the physical problem. Fault for 5 hours to find out why, 600 lines, with a cable tester to do daily maintenance detection can spend how much time? Each line 10 seconds, a set of test equipment 100 minutes, if there are 5, 20 minutes to fix. Everyday is only measuring a length on and off? You out, growing today, wireless anti-interference index test is necessary, to do a good job, must first sharpen his, you should keep pace with The Times. Technical experts pointed out that sustainable reliability of cable need continuous effort to safeguard the following several aspects: 1. Design phase will be backup and redundancy design signal lines. Backup points hot backup and cold backup. Important lines in addition to hot backup according to 1:1 cold standby redundancy. 2. Selection stage of procurement for type testing and replenish onr's stock, so as to avoid improper selection or inconsistent supply bring potential problems. 3. Construction installation phase approach of parking and with the workers to do the test, the supervision of the supervisor to do the test, to avoid extensive installation and inconsistent problem of goods. 4. Check acceptance stage in addition to text, appearance, safety, geometry size and routing inspection, more important is according to the testing standards for certification test. This step is more likely to mistake is using the on-off method, test method, the commissioning method instead of the strict certification test ( Certification test several parameters, such as length, short circuit, the resistance to ring, attenuation, echo, the line between the interference and the parameters of the virtual ground, resistance to environmental disturbance, , in addition to the loss, but also detect the connector stained with loss and excessive reflex, poor welding, bending, heterogeneous mixed with rain and crack, bubble, impurities and so on problems and hidden dangers - - - - - - - - - - - - fiber optic equipment T2 test) , buried under severe hidden trouble. 5. Transfer operations ( Maintenance) After the dynamic monitoring, regular inspection, 'as testing combination is very important. For the line it is easier to ignore the link reliability, line detection system on a regular basis is often simple on-off inspection and replaced by the 'maintenance', makes the reliability of the system unconsciously into a huge risk. In addition, cold backup line to do certification test on a regular basis. If the authorities can do the above, and cable tester to do daily maintenance detection, will greatly avoid similar accidents from happening again. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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