Talk about the prospect of optical fiber cable industry in China

by:FOT     2020-06-22

China started the research of fiber optic cable, is almost with foreign started at the same time, and in early 1977 to develop * root silica fiber. In recent years in our country led by mass communication construction demand, the domestic cable industry rapid development, has formed the cable from the preform products complete industrial chain. Production and technical strength of cable enterprises in our country is in rapid development, product development and technological innovation ability has been improved. China has become the main cable market and global zui zui big manufacturer. With the popularity of Chinese broadband and speed up the implementation of, the demand of cable industry also has greatly improved. In recent years, with the in-depth development of China's rural communication engineering, fiber optic cable has gradually replaced the use of copper. The cable industry in China will maintain a steady growth trend. More worthy of attention, FTTH in China ( Optical fiber home) FTTC ( Optical fiber to the side of the road) System USES the triple play and large-scale construction of 3 g, the market demand for fiber optic cable is still very big, to the cable industry in our country development provides a strong power, the industry has a bright future. Pour technical instruments development team to meet the needs of the market, focus on research and development and production is suitable for the fiber optic cable and special mechanical properties of some products such as testing equipment. Such as: fiber optic cable tester, cable of large horizontal tensile machine, fiber optic cable tensile testing machine, cable bending tensile testing machine, cable detector series, etc. Leaning machine overall design of the technical equipment, advanced technology, has a beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, the characteristics of simple operation. Welcome new and old customers or to the factory and negotiate business. More products details please see http://www. shanghaiqingji。 com/ 。

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