Surface of optical fiber Bragg grating strain gauge type: DP - 4000 technical indicators

by:FOT     2020-06-17

fiber Bragg grating strain gage on the surface/surface in a wide range of fiber optic equipment grating strain gauge type: DP - 4000

fiber Bragg grating strain gage on the surface, in a wide range of various metal or other solid structures with static and dynamic surface a wide range of stress and strain monitoring, strain gauge can be welded or fixed to a metal structure by additional parts and other solid surface, through the paste way to sensor fixed on the surface structure. The main technical indicators:

standard range



0. 3% FS

spirit acuity

0. 1% FS


150 mm

working temperature

- 30 ~ + 80 ℃

appearance size

16218 ( Excluding installation block size) Installation method

welding, bolt, paste,

note: take T take removing grating other range can be customized; Resistance to high temperature and low temperature can be customized

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