Supply anhui days kang optical fiber cable production suppliers

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supply anhui days kang cable production supplier

fiber optic cable

communication is one of the important ways of modern information transmission. It has a large capacity, long distance relay, the secrecy good, is not subject to electromagnetic interference and saving copper, etc.

the basic principle of transmission based on the available light on the surface of two kinds of medium, the principle of total reflection. Figure 3 for step-index , n1 is the refractive index of fiber core medium, n2 for the refractive index of cladding medium, n1 is greater than the n2, the arrival of light entering the fiber core fiber core and cladding interface ( Referred to as 'core - Package interface) When the incident Angle is greater than the total reflection of critical Angle & theta; C, total reflection can happen without light energy high fiber core, the incident light can forward by countless times total reflection at the interface between the transmission.

fiber optic cable when bending, interface normal turned, the incident Angle is small, so part of the incident light Angle becomes less than & theta; C to total reflection. But the original incident Angle is bigger that light can still be total reflection, so the fiber bending moments can still transfer, but will cause energy loss. Usually, the bending radius is larger than 50 ~ 100 mm, the loss can be neglected. Tiny bending will cause serious & other; Microbend loss & throughout; 。 People commonly used electromagnetic wave theory of further research on transmission mechanism, the optical dielectric waveguide boundary conditions to solve the wave equation. Transmission of light in the contains many patterns, each pattern represents a kind of electromagnetic field distribution, and the one described in geometrical optics correspond to the light. Existing in the transmission mode depends on the normalized frequency of the fiber & nu; Value, it related to the refractive index of fiber core and cladding medium. ɑ as the fiber core radius, & lambda; As the wavelength of light transmission. Optical fiber bending, mode coupling, part of the energy transmission mode to radiation mode, outside to the fiber core loss. Main parameters in the performance of attenuation, bandwidth, etc.

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