Super wide frequency seismic type optical fiber sound sensor imported models: MKM - 4110

by:FOT     2020-07-03

super wide frequency seismic type fiber optic equipment sound sensor imported models: MKM - 4110

Photoacoustic Spectroscopy sound spectrum monitoring of weak signal light fiber optical microphone designed for monitoring (microphone ultra low noise within the selected frequency bandwidth is very weak signal. Ideal with Yu Guangsheng spectrum, and monitoring applications that use the software or hardware to remove a weak signal. Specification: Polar Pattern Omnidirectional point Frequency Response Resonance at 1. Recording amplitude frequency response of resonant Conformity - 65 KHz 3 dB Re 1. 65千赫。 40 - 1. 80千赫整合- 10 db 1。 65千赫0。 9 - 2. 10 KHz灵敏度5 mV / Pa± 10% at 1 kHz sensitivity Equivalent Self - 噪音≤ 5 the dBA noise equivalent since the Maximun & Pressure, Total Pressure of 84 dB SPL zui loud Harmonic Distortion & lt; 1% at 64 dB SPL total harmonic distortion Equivalent Vibration Sensitivity of Max. 45 db SPL equivalent vibration sensitivity at 1 g and 1 kHz Supply Voltage - 8 15 V DC Current voltage Current Drain 80 mA tapping & plusmn; Current consumption 10% Operating Temperature - 20 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 4 + 149° F) Working Temperature Storage Temperature - 30 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 22日至+ 140° F) The storage temperature Humidity & ndash; 10 95% RH oo小时40° C humidity - 1000 hours MTBF & gt; 100000 hours MTBF Microphone Head mike limelight Material Polycarbonate Material carbon acid polyester Dimensions D/L 6/33 Weight 1 mm size. 5g 重量 Optical Cable Length 10 m 光缆长度 * Can be customized to any length 可定制任何长度 Application/ Use应用: # Oil and gas detection sites 石油和天然气监测站点 # High explosive areas 高爆区 # High RF areas 高射频区域 # Severe electromagnetic fields 强度电磁场 # Aerospace measurements 航空测量 # High voltage electrical utilities 高压电器事业 # Petrochemical facilities 石化设备 # Nuclear Facilities 核设施 # EMC test labs 电磁兼容性测试实验室 # Photoacoustic spectroscope 光声光谱仪 For more information please contact with us. Need more information, please contact with us.

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super wide frequency seismic import MKM - type optical fiber sound sensor 4110年

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