Super wide frequency seismic type optical fiber sound sensor imported models: MKM - 1150

by:FOT     2020-07-03

super wide frequency seismic type optical fiber sound sensor imported models: MKM - 1150

High SPL microphone non-linearity microphone ( 55 dB - 140分贝) The application of fiber optic microphone in non-linearity is similar to MKM - 1140, used to monitor the non-linearity to 140 decibels of onomatopoeia signal detection is ideal place for local resettlement area is very limited or for another part of the equipment or system of the micro fiber optic equipment remote microphone/sound pressure level is as high as one hundred and forty decibels of sound signal monitoring. Specification: Polar Pattern Omnidirectional point Frequency Response - 10 10-15000 Hz playback amplitude-frequency response Conformity 2000Hz ± 0. 5 dB in 10 - 1000-2000 HeZhao Conformity 14000Hz ± 3. 0 dB accord with 2000 - 7 15000 HeZhao Sensitivity. 5mV/Pa ± 10% at 1 kHz sensitivity Equivalent Self - 噪音≤ 55 dBA noise equivalent since the Maximun & Pressure of 140 dB SPL zui loudly Pressure Total Harmonic Distortion & lt; 1% at 134 dB SPL total harmonic distortion Equivalent Vibration Sensitivity of Max. 45 db SPL equivalent vibration sensitivity at 1 g and 1 kHz Supply Voltage - 8 15 V DC Current voltage Current Drain 10% of the 80 ma tapping Current consumption Operating Temperature - 20 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 4 + 140° F) Working Temperature Storage Temperature - 30 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 22日至+ 140° F) The storage temperature Humidity & ndash; 10 95% RH oo小时40° C humidity - 1000 hours MTBF & gt; 100000 hours MTBF Microphone Head mike limelight Material Polycarbonate Material carbon acid polyester Dimensions D/L 10/17 Weight 0 mm size. 5g 重量 Optical Cable Length 10m 光缆长度 * Can be customized to any length 可定制任何长度 Application/ Use应用: # MRI/ MEG scanner room SPL measurement 磁共振成像/脑磁仪测量室声压级 # MRI earmuff noise measurement 耳罩噪声测量磁共振成像 # Oil and gas detection sites 石油和天然气监测站点 # High explosive areas 高爆区 # High RF areas 高射频领域 # Severe electromagnetic fields 强大电磁场 # Aerospace measurements 航空测量 # FMRI headphone calibration 耳机校准功能磁共振成像 # Industrial and noisy environment 工业和噪声环境

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super wide frequency seismic import MKM - type fiber optic equipment sound sensor 1150年

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