Super wide frequency seismic type optical fiber sound sensor imported models: m314928

by:FOT     2020-06-30

super wide frequency seismic type fiber optic equipment sound sensor imported models: m314928 Contact Microphone fiber Contact Contact Microphone Microphone receives the indoor or outdoor remote monitor and control the structure of the noise signal. Technical specifications: Device type Contact microphone Device type Contact microphone Model Options Model Options A B Frequency Response - 10 200 Hz 10- 5000 Hz playback amplitude-frequency response Conformity & plusmn; 3 dB ± 10 dB Sensitivity ( ± 10% 1 kHz) 300 mV / 500 mV/Pa Pa sensitivity Equivalent Self - 噪声( dBA SPL) ≤ 10 mcg≤ MCG equivalent noise since the Maximun 20 g 0. 003 2. 8 - 0最大g供应电压 15 V DC Current voltage Current Drain 80 mA tapping & plusmn; Current consumption 10% Operating Temperature - 20 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 4 + 149° F) Working Temperature Storage Temperature - 30 + 60° C ( - - - - - - 22日至+ 140° F) The storage temperature Humidity & ndash; 10 95% RH oo小时40° C humidity - 1000 hours MTBF & gt; 100,000 hours 平均无故障时间 Microphone Head 麦克风头 Material Polycarbonate 材料 聚炭酸脂 Dimensions D/L 36 mm 尺寸 Weight 18 g 重量 Optical Cable Length 10 m 光缆长度 * Can be customized to any length 可定制任何长度 Application/ Use应用: # Oil and gas detection sites 石油和天然气监测站点 # High explosive areas 高爆区 # High RF areas 高射频区域 # Severe electromagnetic fields 强大电磁场 # Aerospace measurements 航空测量 # High voltage electrical utilities 高压电器事业 # Petrochemical facilities 化工设备 # Nuclear Facilities 核设施 # Heat monitoring 热监测 For more information please contact with us. Need more information, please contact with us. Super wide frequency seismic import MKM - type fiber optic equipment sound sensor 4130年

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