SUNX SUNX optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-06

SUNX SUNX advantages of fiber optic sensor in recent years, SUNX SUNX, sensors in the sensitive and adaptable, compact and intelligent direction. In this process, the sensor the sensor to the new members of the family. Optical fiber has many excellent properties, such as electromagnetic interference and atomic radiation resistance, diameter of fine, soft, light mechanical properties; Insulation, without induction electrical properties; Water resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant chemical properties, it can reach the place where (in man Such as high temperature) Or harmful to the people of the region ( Such as the radiation zone) , have the effect of human eyes and ears, and still can go beyond physical boundaries, receiving people feel less than the outside world of the senses. SUNX SUNX advantages of a fiber optic sensor. High sensitivity; 2. Has many aspects of adaptability, geometric shapes can be made into any shape of the sensor; 3. Can make sensing various physical information ( Sound, magnetic, temperature, rotation, etc. ) The device; Four. Can be used in high pressure, electrical noise, high temperature, corrosion, or other severe environment; Five. And internal compatibility with optical remote sensing technology. SUNX SUNX sensors can be divided into two categories: one is functional ( Sensing type) The sensor; Another kind is functional ( The light type) Sensors. A, functional feature is the use of fiber optic sensor itself the characteristics of the as the sensitive element, by measurement of transmission in the optical modulation, the transmission of light intensity, phase, frequency and polarization characteristics change, again by a modulated signal demodulation, which measured signal are obtained. Optical fiber in it is not only the medium of light transmission, but also a sensitive element, the light in the is measured by the modulation, with multimode fiber. Advantages: compact structure, high sensitivity. Disadvantages: must use special fiber, high cost, a typical example: gyro and hydrophone SUNX SUNX advantages of fiber optic sensor (2) is not functional sensor functional sensor using other sensitive element feel the change of the measured, as the transmission medium of information, only single mode is often used. Optical fiber in which only plays a role of light, the light shines in the is measured by the modulation type of sensitive element. Advantages: no special and other special technology; Is easy to implement, the cost is low. Disadvantages: low sensitivity. The practical application of mostly is a function of fiber optic sensor. SUNX SUNX sensor is a new technology of zui appeared in recent years, can be used to measure various physical quantities, such as acoustic field, electric field, pressure, temperature, velocity, acceleration, etc. , can also complete the existing measuring technology is difficult to measuring task. In a narrow space, in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference and high voltage, fiber optic sensor shows the unique ability. At present there are 70 kinds of fiber optic sensor has roughly divided into sensor and sensors. The so-called sensor itself, is itself directly receive is measured from the outside. External measured quantities can lead to measure the length of the arm, the change of the refractive index, diameter, so as to make the transmission of light in the amplitude, phase, frequency, polarization, etc. The light of the measuring arm transmission and reference arm of the reference light interference with each other ( Comparison) , make the output light phase ( Or amplitude) Change, according to this change can be detected by measuring the change of the. The phase of transmission of high sensitivity, affected by the outside world by using interference technique can detect the 10 to the minus 4 power of radian tiny phase change of the corresponding physical quantities. Use of around sex and low loss, can be a long fiber optic disc into a small circle of diameter, to increase the use of length, higher sensitivity. Fiber-optic acoustic sensor is a kind of using sensor. When the by external force is small, can produce micro bending, and a great difference to the light transfer ability. Sound is a mechanical wave, it is the function of fiber optic fiber stress and bending, bending can get the strength of the voice. Fiber optic gyro is a kind of sensor itself, compared with laser gyro, the fiber optic gyro high sensitivity, small volume, low cost and can be used in aircraft, ships, missiles and other high-performance inertial navigation system. As shown in figure is the principle of sensor turbine flowmeter.

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