SUNX description and characteristics of the fiber optic sensor

by:FOT     2020-06-27

in recent years, SUNX sensor is more and more get the favour of people, we all know that there are very important in the field of biological effect, this company long-term off-the-shelf SUNX sensors, specials, meager profit but high turnover. Please accepts an infectious have corresponding requirements please contact our company customer service. We only know SUNX sensor is widely applied in various industries, but SUNX fiber optic sensor has the advantages of what specific said is not clear, give you provide detailed explanation below. SUNX sensor is following the light of fiber art in recent years the progress from time to time and open up a new type of sensor. It with hangzhou electromagnetic interference, and she burst, insulation, and good flexibility, high resistance to the male, and addresses the advantages of light. It zui limited parameter state can reach the thermal, electrical, mechanical processing, chemical, from the development of physical real jun as well as medical and military etc. Share of by the fiber core, cladding, level, strengthening layer, outer sheath of five working circle combination. Fiber core when the manufacturing requirements of refractive index is greater than the cladding refractive index, how to guarantee the beam completely finish total reflection in the fiber core, then complete the badge taken consumption of light smoke. The result of the outer sheath: one is to add the mechanical strength of the fiber, 2 it is to guarantee the light could not enter the . Buffer layer, strengthen layer can further maintain internal . There are three kinds of for consumption first. ( 1) Acceptance of wear and tear. The quartz glass manufacturing contains badge from metal, such as Fe, Co, Cr, M on the beam have accepted the result. ( 2) Abort to consumption. Fiber materials no matter how purification always micro ht impurities, while minor impurities along the coarse of light scattering and transmission shaft attack power consumption. The rest. Sorrow or due to the light of light and composition. The wavelength, wave velocity. Conduction in road, all kinds of light each other asking will be entangled, constitute for consumption. ( 3) Mechanical deformation wear and tear. fiber optic equipment bending occurs. If light beam Angle is less than the critical Angle, the part of the light will cause loss to the cladding outside refraction. In the actual communication system of distribution network automation, must build a low cost, high effective two-way communication system, with acceptable cost in terms of reliability and information flow to provide very high performance. At the same time, due to the distribution network automation system is too much, to complete the function of the system is complex, using a single communication system to meet all of the functions need to be unrealistic, also is not economic.

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