Strapping or not tied?

by:FOT     2020-07-17
Strapping or not tied? If you are closer to the BICSI (held in Orlando, The international construction consulting services) Winter meeting, read the related publications or took part in the webinar, you may have learned a lot about PoE and relevant information for wiring facilities. About power supply for remote devices of cables fever and led to the decrease of the insertion loss, cable performance and influence of Ethernet transmission is often happened. Although there are various about PoE and fever, but for some people, strapping or not to be tied remains a theonly issue. In this installment, we will focus on this problem, to provide you with a convenient solution. 'Bundling' river lake you remember early enhanced six lines to support the 10 g Ethernet? We first learned that for this type of cables, external crosstalk has become a big problem, and not bundled cable is one of the ways to reduce the crosstalk. In fact, TIA, ISO/TIA and BICSI standard setting bodies and most cable manufacturers are proposed to enhance six natural placed in cable trough, and avoid excessive filling pipe. Despite these recommendations, but many installation personnel continue to tie the cable tidy, in order to show the work orderly sex, in order to please the customers. Six class cable has high performance enhancements to reduce external crosstalk of innovative design, thus further cable strapping is less important, fortunately, the use of DSX2 CableAnalyzer copper certification, external crosstalk test easily. 'Bundling' today for senior respectively 60 w and 90 w Type 3 and Type 4 PoE, strapping cable and there was a problem - — Fever. The smaller of cables, the greater the cable specification, cable release quantity of heat more. Cable at higher temperatures, insertion loss will also increase - — The signal power loss will interfere with the correct data transmission. However, from TIA and ISO/IEC to CENELEC, even NFPA standards organizations such as industry solves this problem very well. The balance of the TIA twisted-pair wiring TSB - the support power output guidelines 184 - A( Has been integrated into the update of TIA 568. 2 - D standard) , it is recommended to reduce the pack size or completely give up banding. In 2017 the national electrical code ( NFPA 70) Requirements, carrying more than 60 w power cable shall comply with the 725th. Section 144 for 4 line 22, 23, 24 and 26 AWG cable ampacity table strapping requirements. Current-carrying capacity table is used to determine the recommended cable size beam, must know the temperature rating of the cable and specifications, the carrying capacity of each wire and cable ( Current unit for ampere) 。 NEC also said that you can deploy LP cable, without restrictions on the number of cables in the installation of cable, so as to avoid using a current-carrying capacity table ( Many people feel confusion and trouble) 。 UL approved LP cable applies in the case of no more than rated temperature of the cable, cable transmission power and data up to the current limit of each wire mark. Magic number 24, although the more simple method to solve the problem of all of the above strapping is not strapping cable, but there are still installation personnel and customer wants the strapping of cables to deploy the cable, we are very understanding the behavior, because the cable groove using cables, seems to be in perfect order, neat and orderly. But we also know that copper certification tester will never know if your cable tied together, and never will tell you the temperature of the cable in use in the future there will be much higher. So, if you or your customers still want strapping cable, and don't want to can only choose the LP level cable or using chaotic current-carrying capacity table to determine the cable bundle size, at the moment a magic number 24 became your solution. If the stay cables in the cable quantity is 24, at normal operating temperature range, The lower working temperature up to 60 ° C) 24 AWG or more specifications of the cable ( The most enhanced six types of typical cable) system There are no problems in most installations, even in the cable deployment in line pipe and environment temperature for 45 ° C ( 113°F) The worse case. Stay cables in the cable quantity is 24 is a kind of easy to remember the rule of thumb, especially when you are not sure the installation is complete, the equipment connection, electric cable after cooling ability, on the network environment of the installation environment temperature or when PoE power level. This also is many cable manufacturers recommended practice. Considering the number 24 with 24 and 48 port distribution frame and switch configuration can match very well, so the lanes of each cable in the cable number control in article 24 is a very wise choice. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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