Spot supply authentic Keyence Keyence fiber false a penalty 10

by:FOT     2020-06-21

FU - E11 type spot supply authentic Keyence Keyence fiber optic equipment technology specifications:


FU - Types of E11

area through type

the direction of the light penetrate


test configuration

detection way size


number of optic axis

11 & times; 2毫米,11报; 1毫米( 1. 0 mm long and thin when installation) 11报; 0. 5毫米( 0. 5 mm long and thin when installation)

optical axis width


optical axis height

length of fiber optic equipment devices

2 m free cutting

fiber device diameter

& oslash; 2. 2

axis diameter ( Testing standard objects)


zui small bending radius

R2 mm

installation transparent vessel diameter


opening corner

standard testing object

detection distance

detection distance


zui small object detection

& oslash; 0. 2 mm opacities * 1



( Detection distance) Should be sent

heat-resisting temperature * 2




slit board ( The other to sell)

repeat accuracy


fastening torque

0. Summary of 15 Nm


protection grade

environment temperature

- 40 to 50 + & deg; C ( No freezing)

relative humidity

35 to 85% RH ( No condensation)

compression capacity



shell ontology: poly (butyl glycol terephthalate, screws of the installation pedestal: SUS304, lens: series of norbornadiene ene resin, fiber optic bare wire: propylene, fiber optic equipment coating: polyethylene


install screws ( M2× 6) , nuts, 平方米,t = 1。 2) , optical fiber cutting knife, long and thin ( 0. 5毫米/ 1。 0 mm width) Weight

20 g
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