Special business (Wan Zhao Ethernet 10 g) Open test methods

by:FOT     2020-11-21
As international organizations, metro Ethernet BBS MEF to Ethernet special business model, business property, business evaluation, and other technical concept definition of explicit, the operators have to CarrierEthernet access technology have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding, and think about how to combine this kind of technology is applied to the opening of deployment, their network line, standard tests to improve their business ability and service efficiency. As global network operators covering ability to enhance the accumulation of operating experience and international network, international Ethernet line also gradually upgrade deployment, high quality Ethernet line business application is more and more widely. NETSCOUT Ethernet line can provide automatic deployment for operators and business open the test report, not only provide operator deployment efficiency, saving the cost of operations, and the ability to L1 - for the particular user L4 business flow do SLA monitoring and high density layer of KPI data collection, for operators of end users with high quality performance monitoring service report. Equipment management software and service management software from two dimensions full entire network equipment and service operation status. This article focuses on the shuttle opened testing technology, namely, Y. 1564 testing technology. 1 、ITU- T Y。 Y 1564 technology. Is the ITU - 1564 T opening service organization defined Ethernet line test method, consistent with the operators in the deployment of Ethernet line main index of network, the bandwidth, delay, jitter, packet loss rate has made the professional evaluation standards. Y. 1564 divided into configuration testing and performance testing, to distinguish the color blind mode and susceptibility patterns of color, can service more parallel test. Configuration testing is characteristic of short test time, bandwidth test steps as shown in the figure below, by NETSCOUT t10g - 1 Or OPVXG - 1000 10 g test points step 6 cascade flow simulation of different rate of CIR, correct EIR business flow testing, test time, test flow can be configured using a single frame or mixed ever-flowing frame configurable ever-flowing. Time delay, jitter, packet loss rate using the technology of intelligent loopback loopback business test flow. Test performance test is opened for a long time after the test, the main test line can according to the desired KPI legal scope of work for a long time, for business of all kinds of service level in the EVC test indicators, is advantageous for the operator to check the network operating state of special line service.
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