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by:FOT     2020-07-13
For cable enterprises, product quality is the basis of enterprise reputation and marketing. Cable to the quality of the product is mainly composed of factors such as raw materials, equipment, technology, manufacturing technology. The merits of the quality of the products you need professional instruments and equipment for testing certification, so as to confirm the product whether can achieve the required quality. Therefore, choose a professional of cable tester is particularly important. At present, the global market, more mainstream cable certification test instrument brands include the United States FLUKE Softing and Germany. Both in the product function, test performance, manufacturer's certification. For the development and change of the current trade situation and price considerations, Germany Softing cable tester, maybe will become your another perfect choice. With the Softing WireXpert 4500 cable certification test instrument as an example. It is currently the most advanced technology on the market, the fastest cable certification testing equipment, the test frequency range of up to 2500 MHZ can support the current and future all wiring standards, such as TIA/GB CAT5e, CAT6, CAT 6 a, CAT7, CAT7A CAT8, etc. WireXpert also supports single multimode fiber optic equipment, coaxial cable and other cable testing, as well as twisted-pair jumper and MPO multicore cable testing needs, powerful features to meet the needs of the customer diversification. At present, has been more than 20 cable manufacturers worldwide recognition. When the first test of up to 2500 MHZ bandwidth cable tester, and supports all standard: D/E/EA/FA, 5 E / 6/6 class a, and a new CAT and ISO I and class II standards; Low measurement precision by ETL independent validation, and more than ISO VI, V, IV and IIIe, TIA 2 g and IIIe accuracy requirement, approved by global companies; Have many of the available measurement module, for example: 8, the CAT jump line testing, industrial Ethernet, FA, RJ45, MMC PRO module; Low 1310/1550 to 850/1300 multimode and single-mode fiber perform extended fiber certification; Could contribute to low senior reports and documents. Low is the only meet all of the data center, cable and industrial Ethernet standards certification instrument; Characteristics of product suite includes WireXpert 4500 cable certification tester ( D, E, EA, F, FA, I, class II and CAT 5 E, 6, 6 a, 7, 7 a and 8 class frequency up to 2500 MHz) Low includes two test unit host and the remote machine, low 2 x the CAT 6 a channel module, low 2 x the CAT 6 a permanent link modules, 2 x headphones, lithium battery, power adapter, USB external inventory, soft bag to carry, low calibration certificates WireXpert supplier certification: copper test (idt low rapid Its measuring accuracy is approved by ETL, beyond the ISO Level V * ( The draft) , IV and IA Level IIIe accuracy requirement) ; Low has been more than 20 cable manufacturers worldwide recognition; Low first provides a measure of the MPO fiber validation support for data center certification equipment; Low measurement accuracy reveals the telecommunication cable fault hidden trouble; Super fast measurement and certification program, combined with practical function, quickly complete measurement and analysis, can provide customers with high accuracy and professional degree test report; Low color LCD touch screen on the intuitive user interface, enabling anyone to easily operating instruments; Low variety of dismantling module allows you to more easily to explore new potential applications. Copper test: not only in quality and test instrument performance can be from other brands of products, and in have the same performance and accuracy of the product, the Softing price advantage is very obvious. In addition, Softing when design the product to fully considered the cost of the customer, if customer buy products to meet the test requirements in the future, so customers don't need to buy the host again, need to buy upgrade packages or extra test module. For example: upgrade WireXpert 500 copper certification test instrument for the certification tests of the fiber. WireXpert 4500 can match by adding the corresponding module for single-mode, multimode, MPO certification test. The move greatly saves the cost of the customer. In this era of price is king, Germany Softing the WireXpert series can be called 'parity of fighter', is worth you have!
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