Softing product launches - — CAT6A + adapter

by:FOT     2020-07-12
Softing product launches - — CAT6A + adapter Customer Newsletter - 9月。 2019 with up to 60 or 100 w high power PoE ( Ethernet power supply) Application of the introduction of twisted-pair cable dc ( DC) Resistance is becoming an important test parameters. If the cable line between the dc resistance is too high, or line of even line between internal dc resistance difference is too big, then the line on the temperature of the cable may be higher than the temperature of the cable specifications allow or connector specifications allow. As a result, the cable will be accelerated ageing and even damage. In addition, due to the signal distortion, there is major risk loss of data. Therefore, ISO/IEC, TIA and CENELEC DCRU test is defined as an optional parameter, you can add to the conventional cable certification, for planning in particular cable installation preparation used in high-power PoE. Sofitng new CAT6A + adapter for WireXpert series product, can make WireXpert, 500-500 PLUS and 4500 equipment in conventional automatic testing parameters, testing twisted-pair cable shield and non shield and wiring cable of unbalanced dc resistance of LAN DCRU) 。 CAT6A + adapter also helps to identify the shield wire on the cable shield is connected to the correct socket. Product features according to TIA and IEC standards, measuring between twisted-pair and twisted pair line of unbalanced dc resistance allows the test all the conventional automatic test parameters, such as insertion loss ( IL) , near end crosstalk ( 下一个) , return loss ( RL) Near end crosstalk and attenuation ratio ( ACR - N) Far end crosstalk and attenuation ratio ( ACR - F) And related power and value of shielding integrity testing, to determine the cable shielding properly connected low support crossover cable testing contact us: - 400 996 - 0787
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