Softing IT Networks product launches - - - - - - - A new generation of 'Ethernet speed verification instrument' NetXpert

by:FOT     2020-07-17
On February 25, 2019, Softing IT Networks product launch in Shanghai pudong ramada hotel was held successfully. The Softing launch is the topic of 'a new generation of & # 39; Ethernet speed verification instrument & # 39; — NetXpert XG ', various media reporters and guests to visit the conference site, common witness this important moment. Director supervisor Dr Softing headquarters in Germany. Klaus Fuchs and Softing IT Networks business's general manager Mr Chen Quanhao attended the Softing product launches. Germany: at the beginning of the conference, director, supervisor Dr Softing headquarters. Klaus Fuchs, introduces the development of the Softing AG and the business situation of IT Networks: Germany Softing AG was founded in 1979, is a global industrial communications, ITN and automotive electronics field well-known listed companies, as well as ASAM, ISO, the CIA and other main members of the organization. Company has many branches and subsidiaries in the world, of which the Softing China is responsible for the Softing AG in China all the business, including Industrial Industrial automation, Automotive, Automotive electronics and IT Networks IT network. Softing IT Networks business in the important position of cable network test validation, recognised by the global more than 30 well-known cable manufacturer, but also actively participate in the domestic construction of data center. Main products WireXpert500 WireXpert4500, CM800 and NetXpert series, can be used in cable testing, cable certification, verification and complex IT network wiring system of performance appraisal, certification, and documentation, mainframe, plant engineering, telecommunications, database and data center, etc. With good technology, stable performance, Softing IT Networks professional measurement equipment in the protection of airports, Banks, hospitals, and in collaboration with alibaba security held successfully world conference on the Internet, the Internet, scientific research, the third party test certification institutions and schools such as data center's security, can by ensuring that the IT throughout the life cycle of a powerful and reliable network wiring link, promote the performance optimization of data communication. Subsequently, Softing IT Networks business, general manager Mr Chen Quanhao explained in detail a new generation of 'Ethernet speed verification instrument' - NetXpert XG evolution process and the product characteristics and compared to the same series of NetXpert product advantage and strength, and the product was a simple demo. Softing IT Networks network's predecessor was founded in 2003, cyber digital Psiber Data ( The United States Psiber Data Systems, Inc. The partner company) 。 In January 2014, Softing AG cyber. One of its main product is on behalf of the current global recognition level of the cable test verification instrument WireXpert 4500 series: 2. 5 GHZ bandwidth, can test the high level of MPO CAT8 line and light. With the improving of the quality of cables, the user demand for network is becoming more and more high, how to test up to 10 gb/s data rate of the new standard, for the validation of a new generation of instrument is a huge challenge, especially the wireless access point of the cable must support the increasing rate of the data. In order to verify whether the installed cable to support the increasing number of data rate, operators need to perform sufficient testing before debugging network, Softing IT Networks so the launch of a new generation of network NetXpert XG, to help users to meet the new challenge! Tested product technology: high speed network, the validation of up to 10 gb/s data transmission; PoE++ network troubleshooting; Is used for fiber optic port; To prepare for the challenges in the future; 7 inch touch screen in high resolution. Additional hang with durable shell; Reduce troubleshooting time. The end of the conference, Dr. Mr Klaus Fuchs and Chen Quanhao on-site guests and media the relational questions in measure of new solutions. Softing of a new generation of 'Ethernet speed verification instrument' NetXpert XG, test validation of up to 10 gb/s transmission rate, represents the industry at present the level of advanced technology, also reflected the Softing IT Networks during cable testing, certification, continuously explore in the field of verification. Softing has been adhering to the continuous optimization of quality, service to the customer's idea, realize the product quality, customers to use and enhance brand awareness. In the new starting point, hope Softing new NetXpert XG can become 'the best' in the test to verify, at the same time, also hope Softing IT Networks for the IT industry to provide more quality products and solutions, better service to the customers.
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