Single-mode fiber is rising trend, are you ready?

by:FOT     2020-07-14
Single-mode fiber is rising trend, are you ready? Many of you may have seen customers are increasingly using single-mode fiber, whether because of the advantage of the single-mode fiber itself ( Mainly distance and bandwidth) Or because operators and network connection, and is developing the emerging of single-mode applications. The external facility operator network and single mode is the DE facto standard for large scale data center, low-cost single-mode transceiver growing demand is driving the cost reduced. In addition, we are now seeing all sorts of the size of the data center are prepared by single mode fiber in support of application of short distance more than 200 g and the speed, such as support for 500 meters below the 100, 200 and 100 gbase - 400 g DR、200GBASE- DR4 and gbase - 400 DR4。 Sooner or later, so you need to know how to ensure that the system can support customer needs higher speed. Performance of the matters needing attention in the past, like gbase - 100 LR4 remote single-mode application allows large insertion loss, and use the cheaper transceiver will lower insertion loss allowance. And the support of 100 g, 100 gbase - 10 kilometers distance 6 LR4 allowed. 3 dB insertion loss than for a length of 500 meters short gbase - 100 DR application, allowing the insertion loss is only 3 dB. So, now, as 100 G multimode applications, designers need to understand its loss budget, the budget may limit the number of channels in the connection. For single mode fiber and higher data rate, need to pay more attention to return loss. Reflects the light of recycling channel too much can cause error and performance degradation. This is why we also see inclined spherical ( APC) Type connector is becoming more common, and its 8 degrees face the reflected light is absorbed into the package layer, thereby reducing the back reflection of light in the fiber core. Clean fresh perspective consider for single mode fiber, and some key issues to consider. First, single mode is much more difficult than multimode kept clean. Also a grain of dust, in 62. 5 or 50 microns on multimode optical fiber core block light than on 9 mu m single mode fiber optic equipment core block the light is much less. It comes to APC singlemode connectors, need to know more. Check, need to make sure that use APC type check the probe end, the end specially designed, can make the camera to match the Angle of the APC connectors. The FI - 7000 FiberInspector™ Pro和FI- 500 FiberInspector Micro type has the APC probe tip, to choose to buy. For APC type connector, also need to ensure that the whole end surface can complete contact with cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment, in other words, must be the same as the connector alignment algorithm based on 8 degrees, in order to properly clean. Correct test of single mode fiber with APC type connector is level 1 test, still need to make sure that use APC type adapter. For the CertiFiber ® Pro, only involves the output port problem, because its input port USES non-contact docking. Even if the APC type connector to connect to input will not occur any damage, but you will receive a warning about the received power is too low. When testing the APC system, you need to use two hybrid UPC - The APC lines and APC - two The APC line to connect. For 2 levels of OTDR test, due to the use of APC connector reflection layer absorption wrapped up and return loss is very small, so the OptiFiber ® Pro - In fact all the OTDR) Connect the APC show to as weld joint of the reflection loss. For gbase - 200 DR4 and gbase - 400 DR4 short single mode application, you will also need to deal with MPO connector, because the application need 8 optical fibers, 4 root to send, 4 root for receiving, data transfer rate of 50 or 100 gb/s. In this case, strongly recommended MultiFiber Pro tester, the tester has can scan all at the same time the special of the fiber board MPO connector, so as to avoid time-consuming MPO to LC fan out tieline, turn the wiring will be separated into single fibre channel more optical fibers. If you need to do a lot of MPO related work, using our FI - 3000 Fiber Inspector Pro professional optical testing microscopic instrument, can save a lot of time. Of course, it has the APC MPO adapter. Test single-mode fiber system, you also need to ensure that in 1310 and 1550 nm wavelength for testing. Not just because both wavelength by testing means between arbitrary wavelength can pass the test, but because a slight bend under 1310 nm may appear not to come out. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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